1001-1100 Most Frequently Used Characters

1001 玉 yu4 jade
1002 镇 zhen4 composed/small town/to suppress/to press down/to post
1003 雪 xue3 snow
1004 午 wu3 11 a.m.-1 p.m./7th earthly branch/noon
1005 练 lian4 to practice/to train/to perfect (one's skill)/to drill
1006 迫 po4 to force/to compel/pressing/urgent
1007 爷 ye2 grandpa/etc./old gentleman
1008 篇 pian1 sheet/piece of writing/(a measure word)/chapter/article
1009 肉 rou4 meat/flesh
1010 嘴 zui3 mouth
1011 馆 guan3 house/establishment
1012 遍 bian4 a time/everywhere/turn/all over/one time
1013 凡 fan2 ordinary/every/all/whatever/worldly
1014 础 chu3 foundation/base
1015 洞 dong4 cave/hole
1016 卷 juan3/juan4 to roll (up)/to sweep up/to carry on, coil/to roll, chapter/examination paper
1017 坦 tan3 flat/open-hearted/level/smooth
1018 牛 niu2 ox/cow/bull
1019 宁 ning2 peaceful/rather
1020 纸 zhi3 paper
1021 诸 zhu1 (surname)/all/many/various
1022 训 xun4 example/pattern/to teach/to train/instruction
1023 私 si1 personal/private/selfish
1024 庄 zhuang1 farm/village
1025 祖 zu3 ancestor/forefather/grandparents
1026 丝 si1 silk/thread/trace
1027 翻 fan1 flit about/translate/turn over
1028 暴 bao4 sudden/violent/cruel/to show or expose/to injure
1029 森 sen1 forest
1030 塔 ta3 pagoda/tower
1031 默 mo4 silent/write from memory
1032 握 wo4 shake hands/to hold/to grasp
1033 戏 xi4 trick/drama/play/show
1034 隐 yin3 secret/hidden/concealed
1035 熟 shu2 familiar/skilled/ripe/done/ripe/cooked
1036 骨 gu3 bone
1037 访 fang3 inquire/seek/visit
1038 弱 ruo4 weak/feeble/young/inferior
1039 蒙 meng1/meng2/meng3 deceive/cheat/hoodwink, drizzle/mist, dim sighted/ignorant, Mongolia/cover
1040 歌 ge1/ge1ge song
1041 店 dian4 inn/shop/store
1042 鬼 gui3 ghost/sly/crafty
1043 软 ruan3 soft/flexible
1044 典 dian3 canon/dictionary
1045 欲 yu4 desire/wish, desire/longing/appetite/wish
1046 萨 sa4 (surname)/Bodhisattva
1047 伙 huo3 assistant/furniture/partner
1048 遭 zao1 a time/incident/meet by chance/turn
1049 盘 pan2 big/wooden tray, dish/tray/to build/to check/to examine/to transfer/(a measure word used for dishes of food or coils of wire)/to coil
1050 爸 ba4 father/dad/pa/papa
1051 扩 kuo4 enlarge
1052 盖 gai4/ge3 lid/top/cover/canopy/to build, (surname)
1053 弄 long4/nong4 lane/alley, to do/to manage/to handle/to play with/to fool with/to mess with/to fix/to toy with
1054 雄 xiong2 heroic/male
1055 稳 wen3 settled/steady/stable
1056 忘 wang4 to forget/to overlook/to neglect
1057 亿 yi4 a hundred million/calculate
1058 刺 ci4 thorn/sting/prick/pierce/stab/thrust/assassinate/murder
1059 拥 yong1 (v) gather round/rush in/crowd/throng/to hold/crowded/to support
1060 徒 tu2 apprentice/disciple
1061 姆 mu3 governess
1062 杨 yang2 (surname)/poplar
1063 齐 qi2 (surname)/even/to make even
1064 赛 sai4 to compete/competition/match
1065 趣 qu4 interesting/to interest
1066 曲 qu1/qu3 bent/crooked/wrong, tune/song
1067 刀 dao1 knife
1068 床 chuang2 bed/couch/(a measure word)
1069 迎 ying2 to welcome
1070 冰 bing1 ice
1071 虚 xu1 devoid of content/void/false/empty/vain
1072 玩 wan2/wan4 curios/antiques/to play/to amuse oneself, curios/antiques
1073 析 xi1 to separate/to divide/to analyze
1074 窗 chuang1 shutter/window
1075 醒 xing3 to wake up/to be awake
1076 妻 qi1/qi4 wife, to marry off (a daughter)
1077 透 tou4 to penetrate/thorough/penetrating/to pass through/to pierce
1078 购 gou4 to buy/to purchase
1079 替 ti4 to substitute for/to take the place of/to replace/for/on behalf of/to stand in for
1080 塞 sai1/sai4/se4 stop up/to squeeze in/to stuff/Serb (abbr.)/Serbian, strategic pass, piston/unenlightened
1081 努 nu3 to exert/to strive
1082 休 xiu1 to rest
1083 虎 hu3 tiger
1084 扬 yang2 hurl/to raise/to scatter
1085 途 tu2 way/route/road
1086 侵 qin1 to invade/to infringe/to approach
1087 刑 xing2 punishment
1088 绿 lu:4/lv4 green/chlorine
1089 兄 xiong1 elder brother
1090 迅 xun4 rapid
1091 套 tao4 to cover/covering/case/cover/(a measure word, a set of something)/sheath
1092 贸 mao4 commerce/trade
1093 毕 bi4 the whole of/to finish/to complete/complete/full/finished
1094 唯 wei2/wei3 #NAME?
1095 谷 gu3/yu4 grain/corn, valley, (surname)
1096 轮 lun2 wheel/gear/(by) turn/rotate
1097 库 ku4 warehouse/storehouse
1098 迹 ji1/ji4 footprint/mark/trace/vestige/sign/indication, footprint/trace
1099 尤 you2 outstanding/particularly/especially
1100 竞 jing4 to compete/to contend/to struggle

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