401-500 Most Frequently Used Characters

401 深 shen1 deep/profound
402 商 shang1 commerce/consult
403 算 suan4 regard as/to figure/to calculate/to compute
404 质 zhi4 hostage/substance/nature/quality
405 团 tuan2 regiment/round/circular/group/society, dumpling
406 集 ji2 to gather/to collect/collected works
407 百 bai3 hundred
408 需 xu1 to require/to need/to want/necessity/need
409 价 jia4/jie price/value/valence (on an atom), great/good/middleman/servant
410 花 hua1 flower/blossom/to spend (money, time)/fancy pattern
411 党 dang3 party, party/association/club/society
412 华 hua2/hua4 (abbreviation for) China/(surname) Hua/magnificent/splendid/flowery, (surname)/name of a mountain
413 城 cheng2 city walls/city/town
414 石 dan4/shi2 10 pecks, rock/stone
415 级 ji2 level/grade/rank/step
416 整 zheng3 exactly/in good order/whole/complete/entire/in order/orderly
417 府 fu3 prefecture/mansion
418 离 li2 to leave/to depart/to go away/from
419 况 kuang4 moreover/situation
420 亚 ya4 Asia/Asian/second/next to/inferior
421 请 qing3 to ask/to invite/please (do sth)/to treat (to a meal, etc)/to request
422 技 ji4 skill
423 际 ji4 border/edge/boundary/between/among/interval/while
424 约 yao1/yue1 weigh, appointment/agreement/to arrange/to restrict/approximately
425 示 shi4 to show/reveal
426 复 fu4 again/recover/reply to a letter/to repeat/to duplicate, repeat, double, overlap
427 病 bing4 ailment/sickness/illness/disease/fall ill/sick/defect
428 息 xi1 news/interest/breath/rest
429 究 jiu1 after all/to investigate/to study carefully
430 线 xian4 thread/string/wire/line
431 似 si4 to seem/to appear/similar/like/to resemble
432 官 guan1 official/government
433 火 huo3 fire
434 断 duan4 absolutely/decidedly (in negative constructions)/break/to judge
435 精 jing1 energy/perfect/excellent/refined/very/proficient
436 满 man3 Manchurian/to fill/to fulfill/filled/packed
437 支 zhi1 (a measure word)/to support/to sustain/to erect/to raise/branch/division/to draw money
438 视 shi4 to look at/to regard/to inspect
439 消 xiao1 consume/news/subside/to disappear/to vanish
440 越 yue4 to exceed/to climb over/to surpass/the more ... the more
441 器 qi4 device/tool/utensil
442 容 rong2 to hold/to contain/to allow/appearance/look/countenance
443 照 zhao4 according to/in accordance with/to shine/to illuminate/to reflect/photograph
444 须 xu1 beard/necessary/must, beard/mustache
445 九 jiu3 nine/9
446 增 zeng1 to increase/to expand/to add
447 研 yan2 grind fine/study/research
448 写 xie3 to write
449 称 chen4/cheng1/cheng4 balanced/to fit/well-off/suitable, to call/to praise/to weigh/to estimate/to consider/to call/to address/to name/to say/commend, steelyard
450 企 qi3 plan a project/stand on tiptoe
451 八 ba1 eight/8
452 功 gong1 merit/achievement/result/service/accomplishment
453 吗 ma3/ma morphine, (question tag)
454 包 bao1 to cover/to wrap/to hold/to include/to take charge of/package/wrapper/container/bag/to hold or embrace/bundle/packet/to contract (to or for)
455 片 pian1/pian4 disc/sheet, a slice/piece/flake/thin/slice
456 史 shi3 history
457 委 wei1/wei3 crooked, give up/indeed/to commission
458 乎 hu1 (interrog. part.)
459 查 cha2/zha1 to research/to check/to investigate/to examine/to refer to/to search, (surname)
460 轻 qing1 light/easy/gentle/soft/reckless/unimportant/frivolous/small in number/unstressed/neutral/soft
461 易 yi4 (surname)/change/easy/simple
462 早 zao3 early/morning
463 曾 ceng2/zeng1 (refers to something that happened previously)/already/at some time in the past/before/once, (surname)/great-grand (father)
464 除 chu2 remove/do away with/wipe out/divide/except
465 农 nong2 agriculture
466 找 zhao3 to try to find/to look for/to call on (sb)/to find/to seek/to return/to look for
467 装 zhuang1 adornment/adorn/costume/dress/clothing
468 广 guang3 wide/numerous/to spread
469 显 xian3 prominent/conspicuous
470 吧 ba1/ba (onomat.)/dumb, (modal particle indicating polite suggestion)/...right?/...OK?
471 阿 a1/a4/a/e1 an initial particle/prefix to names of people, (phonetic character), (final part.)/(interj.), flatter
472 李 li3 (a surname)/plum
473 标 biao1 the topmost branches of a tree/surface/sign/to mark/(outward) sign/indication/prize/award/bid
474 谈 tan2 to speak/to talk/to converse/to chat/to discuss/(surname)
475 吃 chi1/ji2 eat/eradicate/destroy/receive, eat, stammer
476 图 tu2 diagram/to plan/picture/drawing/chart
477 念 nian4 read aloud, to read aloud
478 六 liu4 six/6
479 引 yin3 to lead/to divert (water)/to guide
480 历 li4 calendar, to experience/to undergo/to pass through/all/each/every/calendar
481 首 shou3 head/chief/first (occasion)/first (thing)/measure word for poems
482 医 yi1 medical/medicine/doctor/to cure/to treat
483 局 ju2 narrow, (a measure word used for games) set or round office/situation/office
484 突 tu1 to dash/to move forward quickly
485 专 zhuan1 for a particular person, occasion, purpose/focused on one thing/special/expert/particular (to sth)/concentrated/specialized, concentrated/specialized
486 费 fei4 to cost/to spend/fee/wasteful/expenses/(surname)
487 号 hao2/hao4 roar/cry, day of a month/(suffix used after) name of a ship/(ordinal) number
488 尽 jin3/jin4 to the utmost, to use up/to exhaust/to end/to finish/to the utmost/exhausted/finished/to the limit (of sth)
489 另 ling4 other/another/separate/separately
490 周 zhou1 (surname)/complete/encircle/circuit/lap/week/cycle/all/every/attentive/thoughtful, bestow alms, cycle/week
491 较 jiao4 clear/distinct/compare/comparatively
492 注 zhu4 to inject/to pour into/to concentrate/to pay attention/to note/to comment on/to record/to register/to annotate, annotate
493 语 yu3/yu4 dialect/language/speech, tell to
494 仅 jin3 barely/only/merely
495 考 kao3 to check/to verify/to test/to examine
496 落 la4/luo4 leave behind, alight/to fall/to drop (behind)
497 青 qing1 green (blue, black)
498 随 sui2 to follow/to comply with/to allow/(surname)
499 选 xuan3 to choose/to pick/to select/to elect
500 列 lie4 to arrange/to line up/row/file/series

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