1701-1800 Most Frequently Used Characters

1701 琴 qin2 (mus. instr.)
1702 衰 cui1/shuai1 mourning garments, weak/feeble/decline/wane
1703 瓶 ping2 bottle/(a measure word)/vase/pitcher
1704 恼 nao3 get mad
1705 燕 yan1/yan4 (surname)/place name, swallow (a type of bird)
1706 仲 zhong4 2nd in seniority
1707 诱 you4 entice/tempt
1708 狼 lang2 wolf
1709 池 chi2 pond/reservoir
1710 疼 teng2 (it) hurts/love fondly/ache/pain/sore
1711 卢 lu2 (surname)
1712 仗 zhang4 battle
1713 冠 guan1/guan4 hat/crown/crest/cap, to head
1714 粒 li4 a grain/a granule
1715 遥 yao2 distant/remote/far/far away
1716 吕 lu:3/lv3 (surname)
1717 玄 xuan2 black/mysterious
1718 尘 chen2 dust/dirt/earth
1719 冯 feng2
1720 抚 fu3 to comfort/touch gently with hand
1721 浅 jian1/qian3 sound of moving water, shallow
1722 敦 dun1 kind-hearted, kind-hearted/place name
1723 纠 jiu1 gather together/to investigate/to entangle/correct
1724 钻 zuan1/zuan4 enter (a hole)/probe, an auger/diamond
1725 晶 jing1 crystal
1726 岂 qi3 how can it be that
1727 峡 xia2 gorge
1728 苍 cang1 dark blue/fly/musca/deep green
1729 喷 pen1/pen4 to puff/to spout/to spray/to spurt, fragrant/sneeze
1730 耗 hao4 mouse/new/to waste/to spend/to consume/to squander
1731 凌 ling2 encroach/soar/thick ice
1732 敲 qiao1 extort/knock/to strike/to knock (at a door)/to hit
1733 菌 jun1/jun4 germ/bacteria, bacteria/mold/mushroom
1734 赔 pei2 lose in trade/pay damage
1735 涂 tu2 to smear/daub, (surname)/to smear/daub/to apply (paint)/to spread
1736 粹 cui4 pure/unmixed/essence
1737 扁 bian3/pian1 flat/tablet/inscription, (surname)/small boat, Polygonum aviculare
1738 亏 kui1 deficiency/deficit
1739 寂 ji4 lonesome
1740 煤 mei2 coal
1741 熊 xiong2 bear/to scold/to rebuke
1742 恭 gong1 respectful
1743 湿 shi1 moist/wet
1744 循 xun2 to follow/to adhere to/to abide by
1745 暖 nuan3 warm
1746 糖 tang2 sugar/sweets/candy
1747 赋 fu4 poetic essay/taxation/bestow on/endow with
1748 抑 yi4 to restrain/to restrict/to keep down/or
1749 秩 zhi4 order/orderliness
1750 帽 mao4 hat/cap
1751 哀 ai1 sorrow/grief/pity/to grieve for/to pity/to lament
1752 宿 su4/xiu3/xiu4 lodge for the night/old/former, (a) night, constellation
1753 踏 ta4 step on
1754 烂 lan4 overcooked/rotten/soft
1755 袁 yuan2 (surname)
1756 侯 hou2 marquis
1757 抖 dou3 shake out/tremble
1758 夹 jia1/jia2 clip/folder/hold between/to press from both sides/to place in between, hold between/lined/narrow lane
1759 昆 kun1 Kunlun mountains, descendant/elder brother
1760 肝 gan1 liver
1761 擦 ca1 to wipe/to erase/rubbing (brush stroke in painting)/to clean/to polish
1762 猪 zhu1 hog/pig/swine
1763 炼 lian4 refine/smelt, refine
1764 恒 heng2 permanent
1765 慎 shen4 cautious
1766 搬 ban1 remove/transport/move/shift
1767 纽 niu3 to turn/to wrench/button
1768 纹 wen2 line/trace/mark
1769 玻 bo1 glass
1770 渔 yu2 fisherman/to fish
1771 磁 ci2 magnetic/magnetism/porcelain
1772 铜 tong2 copper
1773 齿 chi3 tooth
1774 跨 kua4 step across/step astride
1775 押 ya1 detain in custody
1776 怖 bu4 terror/terrified/afraid/frightened
1777 漠 mo4 desert/unconcerned
1778 疲 pi2 weary
1779 叛 pan4 to betray/to rebel/to revolt
1780 遣 qian3 dispatch
1781 兹 zi1 herewith
1782 祭 ji4/zhai4 offer sacrifice, (surname)
1783 醉 zui4 intoxicated
1784 拳 quan2 fist
1785 弥 mi2 full/to fill, overflowing
1786 斜 xie2 slanting
1787 档 dang4 cross-piece/official records/grade (of goods)/file/records/shelves
1788 稀 xi1 diluted/sparse
1789 捷 jie2 victory/triumph/quick/prompt/rapid
1790 肤 fu1 skin
1791 疫 yi4 epidemic/plague
1792 肿 zhong3 swollen
1793 豆 dou4 bean/peas, bean/sacrificial vessel
1794 削 xiao1/xue1 to scrape, to reduce/to pare (away)/to cut (down)
1795 岗 gang3 mound/policeman's beat
1796 晃 huang3/huang4 dazzle, sway/to shade
1797 吞 tun1 to swallow/to take
1798 宏 hong2 spacious
1799 癌 ai2/yan2 cancer, cancer (old pronuniation)/carcinoma
1800 肚 du3/du4 tripe, belly

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