601-700 Most Frequently Used Characters

601 仍 reng2 still/yet/to remain
602 男 nan2 male
603 钱 qian2 (surname)/coin/money
604 破 po4 to break/to split/broken/damaged/worn out
605 网 wang3 net/network, a net
606 热 re4 heat/to heat up/fervent/hot (of weather)/warm up
607 助 zhu4 to help/to assist
608 倒 dao3/dao4 to fall/to collapse/to topple/to change/to fail/bankrupt, upset/turn over/to tip/to pour/to go home/to the contrary/inverted
609 育 yu4 nourish/to rear
610 属 shu3/zhu3 belong to/category/be subordinate to/genus (taxonomy)/be born in the year of (one of the 12 animals)/family members/dependants, join together/fix one's attention on/concentrate on
611 坐 zuo4 to sit/to take a seat/to take (a bus, airplane etc.)
612 帝 di4 emperor
613 限 xian4 limit/bound
614 船 chuan2 a boat/vessel/ship
615 脸 lian3 face
616 职 zhi2 office/duty
617 速 su4 fast/rapid/quick
618 刻 ke4 quarter (hour)/(a measure word)/to carve/to engrave/to cut/oppressive
619 乐 le4/yue4 (surname)/happy/laugh/cheerful, (surname)/music
620 否 fou3/pi3 to negate/to deny/not, clogged/evil
621 刚 gang1 hard/firm/strong/just/barely/exactly
622 威 wei1 power/might/prestige
623 毛 mao2 hair/pore/fur
624 状 zhuang4 accusation/suit/state/condition/strong/great
625 率 lu:4/shuai4/lv4 rate/frequency, to lead/command
626 甚 shen4 very/extremely/more (than)
627 独 du2 alone/independent/single/sole/only
628 球 qiu2 ball/sphere
629 般 ban1 sort/kind/class/way/manner
630 普 pu3 general/popular/everywhere/universal
631 怕 pa4 to be afraid/to fear
632 弹 dan4/tan2 crossball/bullet/shot/shell/ball, impeach/to pluck a string/to play (a stringed musical instrument with fingers)
633 校 jiao4/xiao4 proofread/to check/to compare, school
634 苦 ku3 bitter/intensely/miserable/painful
635 创 chuang1/chuang4 a wound/cut/injury/trauma, begin/initiate/inaugurate/start/create
636 假 jia3/jia4 fake/false/artificial/to borrow/if/suppose, vacation
637 久 jiu3 (long) time/(long) duration of time
638 错 cuo4 mistake/error/blunder/fault/cross/uneven/wrong
639 承 cheng2 to bear/to carry/to hold/to continue/to undertake/to take charge/owing to/due to/to receive
640 印 yin4 stamp/seal/mark/print/India (abbrev.)
641 晚 wan3 evening/night/late
642 兰 lan2 orchid
643 试 shi4 to test/to try/experiment/examination/test
644 股 gu3 share/portion/section/part/thigh/(a measure word, e.g. use with electric current)/whiff
645 拿 na2 to hold/to seize/to catch/to apprehend/to take
646 脑 nao3 brain
647 预 yu4 to advance/in advance/beforehand/to prepare
648 谁 shei2/shui2 who, who
649 益 yi4 benefit/increase
650 阳 yang2 positive (electric.)/sun
651 若 ruo4 to seem/like/as/if
652 哪 na3/na/nei3 how/which, (final part. preceded by N), which (followed by M or Num)
653 微 wei1 micro/tiny/miniature
654 尼 ni2 Buddhist nun/(often used in phonetic spellings)
655 继 ji4 to continue/to follow after/then/afterwards/to go on with/to succeed/to inherit
656 送 song4 to deliver/to carry/to give (as a present)/to present (with)/to see off/to send
657 急 ji2 hurried/worried
658 血 xie3/xue4 blood, blood
659 惊 jing1 to start/to be frightened/to be scared/alarm
660 伤 shang1 injure/injury/wound
661 素 su4 plain/element
662 药 yao4 medicine/drug/cure
663 适 shi4 to fit/to suit
664 波 bo1 wave/ripple/storm/surge
665 夜 ye4 night
666 省 sheng3/xing3 frugal/save/to omit/to leave out/to save (money)/province, comprehend/introspect/visit
667 初 chu1 at first/(at the) beginning/first/junior/basic
668 喜 xi3 to be fond of/to like/to enjoy/to be happy/to feel pleased/happiness/delight/glad
669 卫 wei4 to guard/to protect/to defend/(surname)
670 源 yuan2 root/source/origin
671 食 shi2/si4 animal feed/eat/food, to feed
672 险 xian3 danger (ous)/rugged
673 待 dai1/dai4 stay/delay, wait/treat/deal with/need/about/intending to do something
674 述 shu4 to state/to tell/to narrate/to relate
675 陆 liu4/lu4 six (fraud-proof), (surname)/shore/land/continent
676 习 xi2 to practice/to study/habit
677 置 zhi4 to install/to place/to put
678 居 ju1 reside
679 劳 lao2 toil
680 财 cai2 money/wealth/riches/property/valuables
681 环 huan2 bracelet/ring (not for finger)/to surround/to loop/loop
682 排 pai2/pai3 a platoon/line up, row of logs or boards
683 福 fu2 good fortune
684 纳 na4 to accept/to pay (tax etc.)
685 欢 huan1 joyous/happy/pleased
686 雷 lei2 (surname)/thunder
687 警 jing3 to alert/to warn
688 获 huo4 to catch/to obtain/to capture, reap/harvest
689 模 mo2 imitate/model/norm/pattern
690 充 chong1 fill/satisfy/fulfill/to act in place of/substitute/sufficient/full
691 负 fu4 lose/negative (math. etc.)/to bear/to carry (on one's back)
692 云 yun2 (classical) to say, cloud/(abbr.) for Yunnan/surname
693 停 ting2 to stop/to halt
694 木 mu4 tree/wood
695 游 you2 to walk/to tour/to roam/to swim/to travel, to roam/travel
696 龙 long2 dragon/imperial/Long (a surname)
697 树 shu4 tree
698 疑 yi2 to doubt/to misbelieve/to suspect
699 层 ceng2 a measure word for layers/laminated/repeated/floor/story (of a building)/layer/(math.) sheaf
700 冷 leng3 cold

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