101-200 Most Frequently Used Characters

101 日 ri4 Japan/day/sun/date/day of the month
102 军 1-Jun army/military/arms
103 者 zhe3 -ist, -er (person)/person (who does sth)
104 意 yi4 idea/meaning/wish/desire/(abbr.) Italy
105 无 wu2 -less/not to have/no/none/not/to lack/un-
106 力 li4 power/force/strength
107 它 ta1 it
108 与 yu2/yu3/yu4 (interrog. part.), and/to give/together with, take part in
109 长 chang2/zhang3 length/long/forever/always/constantly, chief/head/elder/to grow/to develop
110 把 ba3/ba4 (a measure word)/(marker for direct-object)/to hold/to contain/to grasp/to take hold of, handle
111 机 ji1 machine/opportunity/secret
112 十 shi2 ten/10
113 民 min2 the people/nationality/citizen
114 第 di4 (prefix before a number, for ordering numbers, e.g. "first", "number two", etc)
115 公 gong1 just/honorable (designation)/public/common
116 此 ci3 this/these
117 已 yi3 already/to stop/then/afterwards
118 工 gong1 work/worker/skill/profession/trade/craft/labor
119 使 shi3 to make/to cause/to enable/to use/to employ/messenger
120 情 qing2 feeling/emotion/passion/situation
121 明 ming2 clear/bright/to understand/next/the Ming dynasty
122 性 xing4 sex/nature/surname/suffix corresponding to -ness or -ity
123 知 zhi1 to know/to be aware
124 全 quan2 all/whole/entire/every/complete
125 三 san1 three/3
126 又 you4 (once) again/also/both... and.../again
127 关 guan1 (surname)/mountain pass/to close/to shut/to turn off/to concern/to involve
128 点 dian3 (downwards-right convex character stroke)/o'clock/(a measure word)/point/dot/(decimal) point)
129 正 zheng1/zheng4 Chinese 1st month of year, just (right)/main/upright/straight/correct/principle
130 业 ye4 business/occupation/study
131 外 wai4 outside/in addition/foreign/external
132 将 jiang1/jiang4 (will, shall, "future tense")/ready/prepared/to get/to use, a general
133 两 liang3 both/two/ounce/some/a few/tael
134 高 gao1 high/tall
135 间 jian1/jian4 between/among/space/(measure word), interstice/separate
136 由 you2 follow/from/it is for...to/reason/cause/because of/due to/by/to/to leave it (to sb)
137 问 wen4 to ask
138 很 hen3 very/extremely
139 最 zui4 (the) most/-est
140 重 chong2/zhong4 to double/to repeat/repetition/iteration/again/a layer, heavy/serious
141 并 bing4 and/furthermore/(not) at all/simultaneously/also/together with/to combine/to join/to merge, amalgamate/combine, and/also/together with
142 物 wu4 thing/object/matter
143 手 shou3 hand/convenient
144 应 ying1/ying4 ought, (surname)/to answer/to respond
145 战 zhan4 to fight/fight/war/battle
146 向 xiang4 direction/part/side/towards/to/guide/opposite to, guide/opposite to
147 头 tou2/tou head, suff. for nouns
148 文 wen2 language/culture/writing/formal/literary
149 体 ti3 body/form/style/system
150 政 zheng4 political/politics/government
151 美 mei3 America/beautiful
152 相 xiang1/xiang4 each other/one another/mutually, appearance/portrait/picture
153 见 jian4/xian4 to see/to meet/to appear (to be sth)/to interview, appear
154 被 bei4 by (marker for passive-voice sentences or clauses)/quilt/blanket/to cover/to wear
155 利 li4 advantage/benefit/profit/sharp
156 什 shen2/shi2 what, tenth (used in fractions)
157 二 er4 two/2
158 等 deng3 class/rank/grade/equal to/same as/wait for/await/et cetera/and so on
159 产 chan3 to reproduce/to produce/give birth/products/produce/resources/estate/property
160 或 huo4 maybe/perhaps/might/possibly/or
161 新 xin1 meso- (chem.)/new/newly
162 己 ji3 6th heavenly stem/self
163 制 zhi4 system/to make/to manufacture/to control/to regulate, manufacture
164 身 shen1 body/torso/person/life/status/pregnancy/(a measure word used for clothes) suit
165 果 guo3 fruit/result
166 加 jia1 to add/plus
167 西 xi1 west
168 斯 si1 (phonetic)/this
169 月 yue4 moon/month
170 话 hua4 dialect/language/spoken words/speech/talk/words/conversation/what someone said
171 合 ge3/he2 one-tenth of a peck, Chinese musical note/fit/to join
172 回 hui2 (a measure word for matters or actions) a time/to circle/to go back/to turn around/to answer/to return/to revolve/Islam
173 特 te2/te4 special/unusual/extraordinary, male animal/special (-ly)
174 代 dai4 substitute/replace/generation/dynasty/geological era/era/age/period
175 内 nei4 inside/inner/internal/within/interior
176 信 xin4 letter/true/to believe/sign/evidence
177 表 biao3 surface/exterior/to watch/to show/express/an example/a list or table/a meter/a watch/chart/external
178 化 hua4 to make into/to change into/-ization/to ... -ize/to transform
179 老 lao3 (a prefix used before the surname of a person or a numeral indicating the order of birth of the children in a family to indicate affection or familiarity)/old (of people)
180 给 gei3/ji3 to/for/for the benefit of/to give/to allow/to do sth (for sb)/(passive particle), to supply/provide
181 世 shi4 life/age/generation/era/world/lifetime
182 位 wei4 position/location/(measure word for persons)/place/seat
183 次 ci4 nth/number (of times)/order/sequence/next/second(ary)/(measure word)
184 度 du4 capacity/degree/standard
185 门 men2 opening/door/gate/doorway/gateway/valve/switch/way to do something/knack/family/house/(religious) sect/school (of thought)/class/category/phylum or division (taxonomy)
186 任 ren4 to assign/to appoint/office/responsibility
187 常 chang2 always/ever/often/frequently/common/general/constant
188 先 xian1 early/prior/former/in advance/first
189 海 hai3 ocean/sea
190 通 tong1 go through/know well/to connect/to communicate/open
191 教 jiao1/jiao4 teach, religion/teaching
192 儿 er2/er son, non-syllabic dimi. suff.
193 原 yuan2 former/original/primary/raw/level/cause/source
194 东 dong1 east
195 声 sheng1 sound/voice/(a measure word, used for sounds)/tone/noise
196 提 di1/ti2 carry (suspended), to carry/to lift/to put forward/(upwards character stroke)/lifting (brush stroke in painting)/to mention
197 立 li4 set up/to stand
198 及 ji2 to reach/and
199 比 bi3/bi4 (particle used for comparison and "-er than")/to compare/to contrast/to gesture (with hands)/ratio, associate with/be near
200 员 yuan2 person/employee/member

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