2201-2300 Most Frequently Used Characters

2201 匪 fei3 bandit
2202 伞 san3 umbrella/parasol
2203 碑 bei1 a monument/an upright stone tablet/stele
2204 挪 nuo2 to shift/to move
2205 琼 qiong2 (red stone)/beautiful
2206 脂 zhi1 fat
2207 谎 huang3 lies/to lie
2208 慨 kai3 generous/sad
2209 菩 pu2 Bodhisattva
2210 萄 tao2 grapes
2211 狮 shi1 lion
2212 掘 jue2 dig
2213 抄 chao1 to copy/to plagiarize/to search and seize/to go/to transcribe/to take a shortcut/to search and confiscate
2214 岭 ling3 mountain range
2215 晕 yun1/yun4 confused/dizzy/giddy/faint/swoon/lose consciousness/pass out, dizzy/ring around moon or sun
2216 逮 dai3/dai4 arrest/catch/seize/until, catch/seize/until
2217 砍 kan3 to chop
2218 掏 tao1 fish out (from pocket)
2219 狄 di2 (surname)/barbarians/name of a tribe
2220 晰 xi1 understanding
2221 罕 han3 rare
2222 挽 wan3 draw/pull/send funeral ode
2223 脾 pi2 spleen
2224 舟 zhou1 boat
2225 痴 chi1 imbecile/sentimental/stupid/foolish/silly, imbecile/sentimental
2226 蔡 cai4 (surname)
2227 剪 jian3 cut with scissors/scissors
2228 脊 ji3 spine/back/ridge
2229 弓 gong1 a bow (weapon)
2230 懒 lan3 lazy
2231 叉 cha1/cha2/cha3 fork/pitchfork/prong/pick/cross/intersect, to cross/be stuck, to diverge/to open (as legs)
2232 拐 guai3 kidnap/to turn
2233 喃 nan2 mumble in repetition
2234 僚 liao2 bureaucrat
2235 捐 juan1 to contribute/to donate/tax/to abandon
2236 姊 zi3 older sister
2237 骚 sao1 have sex appeal
2238 拓 ta4/tuo4 make rubbing, expand/support on palm/to develop/to open up
2239 歪 wai1 askew
2240 粘 nian2/zhan1 sticky, to stick/paste
2241 柄 bing3 authority/handle/hilt
2242 坑 keng1 pit/to defraud
2243 陌 mo4 raised path/street
2244 窄 zhai3 narrow
2245 湘 xiang1 name of a river
2246 兆 zhao4 omen/million/million million, trillion
2247 崖 yai2/ya2 precipice
2248 骄 jiao1 proud/arrogant
2249 刹 cha4/sha1 Buddhist monastery or temple/a brief moment, to brake (car)
2250 鞭 bian1 a whip or lash/to flog/slash or whip
2251 芒 mang2 Miscanthus sinensis
2252 筋 jin1 muscle
2253 聘 pin4 betrothed/engage (teacher)/hire
2254 钩 gou1 entice/hook
2255 棍 gun4 stick
2256 嚷 rang3 blurt out/to shout
2257 腺 xian4 gland
2258 弦 xian2 bow string/string of mus. instr., string of mus. instr.
2259 焰 yan4 flame
2260 耍 shua3 play with/to juggle
2261 俯 fu3 look down/stoop
2262 厘 li2 one thousandth
2263 愣 leng4 to look distracted/to stare blankly/distracted/stupefied/blank
2264 厦 sha4/xia4 tall building, tall building
2265 恳 ken3 earnest
2266 饶 rao2 (surname)/to spare
2267 钉 ding1/ding4 nail
2268 寡 gua3 few/widowed
2269 憾 han4 regret
2270 摔 shuai1 throw on ground/to fall
2271 叠 die2 fold up/repeat
2272 惹 re3 to provoke/to exasperate/to annoy
2273 喻 yu4 allegory
2274 谱 pu3 chart/list/score (music)/spectrum (math.)(phys.)
2275 愧 kui4 ashamed
2276 煌 huang2 brilliant
2277 徽 hui1 insignia
2278 溶 rong2 dissolve
2279 坠 zhui4 fall
2280 煞 sha1/sha4 decrease/tighten, baleful/bring to a stop/very
2281 巾 jin1 towel
2282 滥 lan4 excessive/indiscriminate
2283 洒 sa3 spill/sprinkle
2284 堵 du3 stop up
2285 瓷 ci2 chinaware/porcelain
2286 咒 zhou4 put a curse on
2287 姨 yi2 one's mother's sister/aunt
2288 棒 bang4 a stick/club or cudgel/smart/capable/strong
2289 郡 4-Jun canton/county/region
2290 浴 yu4 bath/to bathe
2291 媚 mei4 flatter/charm
2292 稣 su1 revive
2293 淮 huai2 name of a river
2294 哎 ai1 an interjection/hey/lookout/why etc
2295 屁 pi4 to break wind/to fart
2296 漆 qi1 paint/lacquer
2297 淫 yin2 excessive/wanton/lewd/kinky/obscene
2298 巢 chao2 nest
2299 吩 fen1 leave instructions/to order
2300 撰 zhuan4 compose/compile, compose/compile/discourse in praise

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