201-300 Most Frequently Used Characters

201 解 jie3/jie4/xie4 to separate/to divide/to break up/to loosen/to explain/to untie/to emancipate, transport under guard, (surname)
202 水 shui3 water/river
203 名 ming2 name/(measure word for persons)/place (e.g. among winners)
204 真 zhen1 real/true/genuine
205 论 lun2/lun4 the Analects (of Confucius), by the/per/discuss/theory/to talk (about)/to discuss
206 处 chu3/chu4 to reside/to live/to dwell/to be in/to stay/get along with/to be in a position of/deal with, a place/location/spot/point/office/department/bureau/respect
207 走 zou3 to walk/to go/to move
208 义 yi4 justice/righteousness/meaning
209 各 ge4 each/every
210 入 ru4 to enter
211 几 ji1/ji3 small table, almost, a few/how many, how much/how many/several/a few
212 口 kou3 mouth/(a measure word)
213 认 ren4 to recognize/to know/to admit
214 条 tiao2 measure word for long, thin things (i.e. ribbon, river, etc.)/a strip/item/article
215 平 ping2 flat/level/equal/to make the same score/to tie/to draw/calm/peaceful
216 系 xi4 be/connection/relation/tie up/bind, be/system/to tie/department/faculty, connect/to tie
217 气 qi4 air/anger/gas, gas/air/smell/weather/vital breath/to make sb. angry/to get angry/to be enraged
218 题 ti2 topic/subject/to inscribe/to superscribe
219 活 huo2 to live/alive/living/work/workmanship
220 尔 er3 thus/so/like that/you/thou
221 更 geng1/geng4 to change, more/even more/further/still/still more
222 别 bie2/bie4 leave/depart/separate/distinguish/classify/other/another/do not/must not/to pin, contrary/difficult/awkward
223 打 da2/da3 dozen, beat/strike/break/mix up/build/fight/fetch/make/tie up/issue/shoot/calculate/since/from
224 女 nu:3/nv3 female/woman
225 变 bian4 to change/to become different/to transform/to vary/rebellion
226 四 si4 four/4
227 神 shen2 God/unusual/mysterious/soul/spirit/divine essence/lively/spiritual being
228 总 zong3 always/to assemble/gather/total/overall/head/chief/general/in every case
229 何 he2 carry/what/how/why/which
230 电 dian4 electric/electricity/electrical
231 数 shu3/shu4/shuo4 to count, number/figure/to count/to calculate/several, frequently/repeatedly
232 安 an1 content/calm/still/quiet/to pacify/peace
233 少 shao3/shao4 few/little/lack, young
234 报 bao4 to announce/to inform/report/newspaper/recompense/revenge
235 才 cai2 ability/talent/endowment/gift/an expert/only (then)/only if/just, just/not until
236 结 jie1/jie2 knot/sturdy/to bear (fruit)/bond/to tie/to bind
237 反 fan3 wrong side out or up/anti-
238 受 shou4 to bear/to stand/to endure/(passive marker)/to receive
239 目 mu4 eye/item/section/list/catalogue/table of contents/order (taxonomy)/goal/name/title
240 太 tai4 highest/greatest/too (much)/very/extremely
241 量 liang2/liang4 to measure, capacity/quantity/amount/to estimate
242 再 zai4 again/once more/re-/second/another
243 感 gan3 to feel/to move/to touch/to affect
244 建 jian4 to establish/to found/to set up/to build/to construct
245 务 wu4 affair/business/matter
246 做 zuo4 to do/to make/to produce
247 接 jie1 to extend/to connect/to receive/to join
248 必 bi4 certainly/must/will/necessarily
249 场 chang3 a courtyard/open space/place/field/a measure word/(a measure word, used for sport or recreation)
250 件 jian4 a measure word for thing, clothes, item
251 计 ji4 to calculate/to compute/to count/reckon/ruse/to plan
252 管 guan3 to take care (of)/to control/to manage/to be in charge of/to look after/to run/tube/pipe
253 期 qi1 a period of time/phase/stage/(used for issue of a periodical, courses of study)/time/term/period/to hope
254 市 shi4 market/city
255 直 zhi2 straight/vertical/frank/directly/straightly/upright
256 德 de2 Germany/virtue/goodness/morality/ethics/kindness/favor/character/kind
257 资 zi1 resources/capital/to provide/to supply/to support/money/expense
258 命 ming4 life/fate
259 山 shan1 mountain/hill
260 金 jin1 metal/money/gold
261 指 zhi3 finger/to point/to direct/to indicate
262 克 ke4 gram/subdue/to restrain/to overcome, subdue
263 许 xu3 to allow/to permit/to praise/(surname)
264 统 tong3 to gather/to unite/to unify/whole
265 区 ou1/qu1 Ou (surname), area/region/district/small/distinguish
266 保 bao3 to defend/to protect/to insure or guarantee/to maintain/hold or keep/to guard
267 至 zhi4 arrive/most/to/until
268 队 dui4 squadron/team/group
269 形 xing2 to appear/to look/form/shape
270 社 she4 society/group
271 便 bian4/pian2 ordinary/plain/convenient/handy/easy/then/so/thus/to relieve oneself, advantageous/cheap
272 空 kong1/kong4 air/sky/empty/in vain, emptied/leisure
273 决 jue2 breach (a dyke)/to decide/to determine
274 治 zhi4 to rule/to govern/to manage/to control/to harness (a river)/cure/treatment/to heal
275 展 zhan3 to use/to spread out/to postpone/to unfold
276 马 ma3 horse/horse chess piece/Surname
277 科 ke1 branch of study/administrative section/division/field/branch/stage directions/family (taxonomy)/rules/laws/to mete out (punishment)/to levy (taxes, etc.)/to fine somebody
278 司 si1 company/control
279 五 wu3 five/5
280 基 ji1 base/foundation/basic/radical (chem.)
281 眼 yan3 eye
282 书 shu1 book/letter
283 非 fei1 non-/not-/un-
284 则 ze2 (expresses contrast with a previous sentence or clause)/standard/norm/rule/to imitate/to follow/then/principle
285 听 ting1/ting4 listen/hear/obey, let/allow
286 白 bai2 white/snowy/empty/blank/bright/clear/plain/pure/gratuitous
287 却 que4 but/yet/however/while/to go back/to decline/to retreat/nevertheless
288 界 jie4 boundary/scope/extent/circles/group/kingdom (taxonomy)
289 达 da2 attain/pass through/achieve/reach/realize/clear/inform/notify/dignity
290 光 guang1 light/ray/bright
291 放 fang4 to release/to free/to let go/to put/to place/to let out
292 强 qiang2 strength/force/power/powerful/better
293 即 ji2 namely/right away/to approach/to draw near
294 像 xiang4 (look) like/similar (to)/appearance/to appear/to seem/image/portrait/resemble/seem
295 难 nan2/nan4 difficult (to...)/problem/difficulty/difficult/not good, disaster/distress/to scold
296 且 qie3 further/moreover
297 权 quan2 authority/power/right
298 思 si1 to think/to consider
299 王 wang2 king/Wang (proper name)
300 象 xiang4 shape/form/appearance/elephant/image under a map (math.)

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