1201-1300 Most Frequently Used Characters

1201 烧 shao1 to burn/to cook/to stew/to bake/to roast/fever
1202 距 ju4 at a distance of/distance/to be apart
1203 裁 cai2 cut out (as a dress)/cut/trim/reduce/diminish/decision/judgment
1204 偏 pian1 one-sided/to lean/to slant/prejudiced/inclined to one side
1205 符 fu2 mark/sign/talisman/to seal/to correspond (to)/tally/symbol/written charm/to coincide
1206 勇 yong3 brave
1207 触 chu4 knock against/touch/to feel
1208 课 ke4 subject/class/lesson
1209 敬 jing4 to respect/to venerate/to salute/to offer
1210 哭 ku1 to cry/to weep
1211 懂 dong3 to understand/to know
1212 墙 qiang2 wall
1213 袭 xi2 inherit/raid/suit of clothes
1214 召 shao4/zhao4 (surname)/name of an ancient state, to call together/to summon/to convene
1215 罚 fa2 to punish/to penalize
1216 侠 xia2 heroic
1217 厅 ting1 (reception) hall/office
1218 拜 bai4 to pay respect/worship/visit/salute
1219 巧 qiao3 opportunely/coincidentally/as it happens/skillful/timely
1220 侧 ce4/zhai1 the side/to incline towards/to lean/inclined/lateral/side, lean on one side
1221 韩 han2 South Korea/Korean/Japan-annexed Korea
1222 冒 mao4 brave/bold/to cover
1223 债 zhai4 debt
1224 曼 man4 handsome/large/long
1225 融 rong2 harmonious/melt/mild
1226 惯 guan4 accustomed to/used to
1227 享 xiang3 enjoy
1228 戴 dai4 to put on/to respect/to bear/to support/wear (glasses, hat, gloves)
1229 童 tong2 (surname)/boy/child/children
1230 犹 you2 Jew/as if/still/to scheme
1231 乘 cheng2 ride/mount/make use of/take advantage of/multiply/to avail of/to ride
1232 挂 gua4 hang/suspend, to hang/to put up/to suspend
1233 奖 jiang3 prize/award/encouragement
1234 绍 shao4 connect/to introduce
1235 厚 hou4 generous/thick (for flat things)
1236 纵 zong1/zong4 vertical, even if/release
1237 障 zhang4 to block/to hinder/to obstruct
1238 讯 xun4 to question/to ask/to interrogate/rapid/speedy/fast/news/information
1239 涉 she4 involve/concern/wade/to experience
1240 彻 che4 pervade/penetrate/pass through/thorough/penetrating
1241 刊 kan1 to print/publish
1242 丈 zhang4 ten feet
1243 爆 bao4 to crack/to explode or burst
1244 乌 wu1 a crow/black
1245 役 yi4 service
1246 描 miao2 depict/to trace (a drawing)/to copy/to touch up
1247 洗 xi3 to wash/to bathe
1248 玛 ma3 agate/cornelian
1249 患 huan4 misfortune/suffer (from illness)/trouble/danger/worry/to contract (a disease)
1250 妙 miao4 clever/wonderful
1251 镜 jing4 mirror
1252 唱 chang4 sing/to call loudly/to chant
1253 烦 fan2 feel vexed/to bother
1254 签 qian1 sign one's name, a note/a stick/sign one's name
1255 仙 xian1 immortal
1256 彼 bi3 that/those/(one) another)
1257 弗 fu2 not
1258 症 zheng1/zheng4 obstruction of bowels, disease/illness
1259 仿 fang3 to imitate/to copy, imitate, seemingly
1260 倾 qing1 to overturn/to collapse/to lean/to tend/to incline/to pour out
1261 牌 pai2 cards/game pieces/signboard/plate/tablet
1262 陷 xian4 to fall/trap
1263 鸟 niao3 bird
1264 轰 hong1 explosion/bang/boom/rumble/strike (by thunder or a bomb)
1265 咱 za2/zan2 we (incl.), we (incl.)
1266 菜 cai4 dish (type of food)/vegetables
1267 闭 bi4 to close/stop up/shut/obstruct
1268 奋 fen4 exert oneself
1269 庆 qing4 celebrate
1270 撤 che4 remove/take away/withdraw
1271 泪 lei4 tears
1272 茶 cha2 tea/tea plant
1273 疾 ji2 sickness/disease/hate/envy
1274 缘 yuan2 along/predestined affinity/reason/edge
1275 播 bo1 sow/scatter/spread/broadcast
1276 朗 lang3 clear/bright
1277 杜 du4 (surname)/fabricate/restrict/to prevent
1278 奶 nai3 breast/lady/milk
1279 季 ji4 season/period
1280 丹 dan1 red/pellet/powder/cinnabar
1281 狗 gou3 dog
1282 尾 wei3 tail
1283 仪 yi2 apparatus/rites/appearance/present/ceremony
1284 偷 tou1 to steal/to pilfer
1285 奔 ben1/ben4 to hurry or rush/to run quickly/to elope, go to/towards
1286 珠 zhu1 bead/pearl
1287 虫 chong2 insect/worm, an animal/an invertebrate/a worm/an insect
1288 驻 zhu4 resident in/stationed in/located at/to station (troops)
1289 孔 kong3 (surname)/hole
1290 宜 yi2 proper/should/suitable/appropriate
1291 艾 ai4 (surname)/Artemisia vulgaris/Chinese mugwort
1292 桥 qiao2 bridge
1293 淡 dan4 insipid/diluted/weak/light in color/tasteless/fresh/indifferent/nitrogen
1294 翼 yi4 wing
1295 恨 hen4 to hate
1296 繁 fan2 complicated/many/in great numbers
1297 寒 han2 cold/poor/to tremble
1298 伴 ban4 a partner/companion or associate/to accompany/comrade
1299 叹 tan4 to sigh
1300 旦 dan4 dawn/morning/day-break/day

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