1101-1200 Most Frequently Used Characters

1101 街 jie1 street
1102 促 cu4 to hurry/to rush/to hasten/near/to promote
1103 延 yan2 to prolong/to extend/to delay
1104 震 zhen4 shake/shock/sign in trigram
1105 弃 qi4 abandon/relinquish/to discard/to throw away
1106 甲 jia3 A (in a sequence of examples involving "A", "B", "C", etc.)/1st heavenly stem/1st in order/armor
1107 伟 wei3 big/large/great
1108 麻 ma2 (to have) pins and needles/tingling/hemp/numb/to bother
1109 川 chuan1 river/creek/plain/an area of level country
1110 申 shen1 (surname)/3-5 p.m./9th earthly branch/extend/to state/to explain
1111 缓 huan3 slow/sluggish/gradual/to postpone
1112 潜 qian2 hidden/latent/secret/to hide/to conceal/secret/hidden/to submerge
1113 闪 shan3 flash/lightning
1114 售 shou4 to sell
1115 灯 deng1 lamp/light
1116 针 zhen1 injection/needle/pin, needle
1117 哲 zhe2 philosophy/wise
1118 络 lao4/luo4 small net, net-like
1119 抵 di3 hold up/on the whole/push against/to support/to resist/to reach/to arrive/mortgage
1120 朱 zhu1 (surname)/vermilion, vermilion
1121 埃 ai1 dirt/dust/angstrom
1122 抱 bao4 to hold/to carry (in one's arms)/to hug or embrace/surround/cherish
1123 鼓 gu3 convex/drum/to rouse/to beat
1124 植 zhi2 to plant
1125 纯 chun2 pure/simple/unmixed/genuine
1126 夏 xia4 summer/Xia (proper name)
1127 忍 ren3 to beat/to endure/to tolerate
1128 页 ye4 page/leaf
1129 杰 jie2 hero/heroic
1130 筑 zhu2/zhu4 build/five-string lute
1131 折 she2/zhe2 broken (as of rope, stick), tenth (in price)/to break/to fold/to turn
1132 郑 zheng4 (surname)
1133 贝 bei4 cowries/shell/valuables/shellfish
1134 尊 zun1 to honor
1135 吴 wu2 (surname)/province of Jiangsu
1136 秀 xiu4 handsome/elegant
1137 混 hun2/hun4 confused/dirty/mix, to mix/to get along/thoughtless
1138 臣 chen2 statesman/vassal/courtier/minister/official
1139 雅 ya3 elegant
1140 振 zhen4 rouse
1141 染 ran3 to catch (a disease)/dye
1142 盛 cheng2/sheng4 to hold/contain/to ladle/pick up with a utensil, (surname)/flourishing
1143 怒 nu4 indignant
1144 舞 wu3 to dance/to wield/to brandish
1145 圆 yuan2 circle/round/circular/spherical/(of the moon) full/unit of Chinese currency (Yuan)/tactful/to justify
1146 搞 gao3 to do/to make/to go in for/to set up/to get hold of/to take care of
1147 狂 kuang2 conceited/mad
1148 措 cuo4 put in order/arrange/administer/execute/take action on
1149 姓 xing4 surname/family name/name
1150 残 can2 destroy/spoil/ruin/injure/cruel/oppressive/savage/incomplete/disabled
1151 秋 qiu1 autumn/fall/harvest time/a swing, a swing
1152 培 pei2 to cultivate/to earth up
1153 迷 mi2 bewilder/crazy about/fan/enthusiast/lost/confused
1154 诚 cheng2 honest/sincere/true
1155 宽 kuan1 lenient/wide/broad
1156 宇 yu3 room/universe
1157 猛 meng3 ferocious/suddenly/fierce/violent/abrupt
1158 摆 bai3 pendulum/to place/to display/to swing/to oscillate/to show/to move/to exhibit
1159 梅 mei2 plum flower
1160 毁 hui3 to destroy/to damage/to ruin, blaze/destroy by fire, defame/to slander
1161 伸 shen1 to stretch/to extend
1162 摩 mo2 rub
1163 盟 meng2 oath/pledge/union/to ally
1164 末 mo4 end/final stage/latter part
1165 乃 nai3 to be/thus/so/therefore/then/only/thereupon
1166 悲 bei1 sad/sadness/sorrow/grief
1167 拍 pai1 to clap/to pat/to beat/to hit/to slap/to take (a picture)
1168 丁 ding1 (surname)/4th heavenly stem/a Chinese surname
1169 赵 zhao4 (surname)
1170 硬 ying4 hard/stiff/strong/firm
1171 麦 mai4 (surname)/wheat/barley/oats
1172 蒋 jiang3 (surname)
1173 操 cao1 to hold/to drill/to exercise/to act/to do/to take in hand/to keep/to manage
1174 耶 ye1 (final part.)/(phonetic)
1175 阻 zu3 to hinder/to block/to obstruct
1176 订 ding4 to agree/to conclude/to draw up/to subscribe to (a newspaper, etc.)/to order
1177 彩 cai3 (bright) color/variety/applause/applaud/(lottery) prize, colored/variegated
1178 抽 chou1 to draw out/to smoke (cigarettes)/to pump
1179 赞 zan4 to praise, to patronize/to support/to praise
1180 魔 mo2 devil
1181 纷 fen1 numerous/confused/disorderly
1182 沿 yan2/yan4 along, riverside (with -r)
1183 喊 han3 call/cry/to shout
1184 违 wei2 to disobey/to violate/to separate/to go against
1185 妹 mei4 younger sister
1186 浪 lang4 wave/breaker/unrestrained/dissipated
1187 汇 hui4 remit/to converge (of rivers)/to exchange, class/collection
1188 币 bi4 money/coins/currency
1189 丰 feng1 buxom/good-looking/appearance and carriage of a person, (surname)/abundant/plentiful/great
1190 蓝 la/lan2 kohlrabi, blue
1191 殊 shu1 unique
1192 献 xian4 to offer
1193 桌 zhuo1 table
1194 啦 la1/la (onomat.)/(phonetic), (an auxiliary word performing the grammatical functions of mood)/fusion of le + a
1195 瓦 wa3 tile
1196 莱 lai2 Chenopodium album
1197 援 yuan2 to help/to assist/to aid
1198 译 yi4 to translate/to interpret
1199 夺 duo2 rob/snatch
1200 汽 qi4 steam/vapor

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