301-400 Most Frequently Used Characters

301 完 wan2 to finish/to be over/whole/complete/entire
302 设 she4 to set up/to arrange/to establish/to found/to display
303 式 shi4 type/form/pattern/style
304 色 se4/shai3 color/look/appearance, color/dice
305 路 lu4 (surname)/road/path/way
306 记 ji4 to remember/to note/mark/sign/to record
307 南 nan2 south
308 品 pin3 conduct/grade/thing/product/good
309 住 zhu4 to live/to dwell/to reside/to stop
310 告 gao4 to tell/to inform/to say
311 类 lei4 kind/type/class/category/similar/like/to resemble
312 求 qiu2 to seek/to look for/to request/to demand/to beseech
313 据 ju1/ju4 sickness of hand, act in accordance with/seize, according to/to act in accordance with/to depend on/to seize/to occupy
314 程 cheng2 rule/order/regulations/formula/journey/procedure/sequence/a surname
315 北 bei3 north
316 边 bian1 side/edge/margin/border/boundary
317 死 si3 to die/inpassable/uncrossable/inflexible/rigid
318 张 zhang1 (a measure word)/(a surname)/open up
319 该 gai1 that/the above-mentioned/most likely/to deserve/should/ought to/owe
320 交 jiao1 to deliver/to turn over/to make friends/to intersect (lines)/to pay (money)
321 规 gui1 compass/rule
322 万 wan4 Wan (surname)/ten thousand/a great number
323 取 qu3 to take/to get/to choose/to fetch
324 拉 la1 to pull/to play (string instruments)/to drag/to draw
325 格 ge2 frame/rule
326 望 wang4 hope/expect/to visit/to gaze (into the distance)/look towards/towards
327 觉 jiao4/jue2 a nap/a sleep, feel/find that/thinking/awake/aware
328 术 shu4/zhu2 method/technique, Atractylis lancea var. ovata
329 领 ling3 neck/collar/to lead/to receive
330 共 gong4 all together/in while/to share/common/general/together
331 确 que4 authenticated/solid/firm, authenticated/solid/firm/real/true
332 传 chuan2/zhuan4 to pass on/to spread/to transmit/to infect/to transfer/to circulate/to pass on/to conduct (electricity), biography
333 师 shi1 a division (milit.)/teacher/master/expert/model
334 观 guan1/guan4 to look at/to watch/to observe/to behold, Taoist monastery
335 清 qing1 clear/distinct/complete/pure
336 今 jin1 today/modern/present/current/this/now
337 切 qie1/qie4 to cut/to slice, close to
338 院 yuan4 courtyard/institution
339 让 rang4 to ask/to let/permit/have (someone do something)/to yield/to allow
340 识 shi2/zhi4 to know/knowledge, to record/write a footnote
341 候 hou4 wait
342 带 dai4 band/belt/girdle/ribbon/area/zone/region/wear/carry/lead/bring/consists of/show/and
343 导 dao3 to transmit/to lead/to guide/to conduct/to direct
344 争 zheng1 struggle/fight
345 运 yun4 to move/to transport/to use/to apply/fortune/luck/fate
346 笑 xiao4 laugh/smile
347 飞 fei1 to fly
348 风 feng1 wind/news/style/custom/manner
349 步 bu4 a step/a pace/walk/march/stages in a process
350 改 gai3 to change/to alter/to transform/to correct
351 收 shou1 to receive/to accept/to collect/in care of (used on address line after name)
352 根 gen1 radical (chem.)/root/basis
353 干 gan1/gan4 dry/to concern/shield, to work/to do/to manage, manage/stem
354 造 zao4 to make/to build/to invent/to manufacture
355 言 yan2 to speak/to say/talk/word
356 联 lian2 to ally/to unite/to join
357 持 chi2 to grasp/to hold/support/manage/direct/maintain
358 组 zu3 to form/compose/make up/group/to organize/cord
359 每 mei3 each/every
360 济 ji4 aid/ferry/frugal
361 车 che1/ju1 car/a vehicle/machine/to shape with a lathe, vehicle on land
362 亲 qin1/qing4 dear/intimate/parent/relation/closely related, parents-in-law of one's offspring
363 极 ji2 extremely/pole (geography, physics)/utmost/top
364 林 lin2 woods/forest
365 服 fu2 clothes/dress/garment/submit/take (medicine)
366 快 kuai4 fast/quick/swift
367 办 ban4 to do/to manage/to handle/to go about/to run/to set up/to deal with
368 议 yi4 criticize/discuss
369 往 wang3/wang4 to go (in a direction)/past/previous/towards, toward/(of a train) bound for
370 元 yuan2 (dynasty)/dollar/primary/first
371 英 ying1 (surname)/English/brave
372 士 shi4 scholar/warrior/knight
373 证 zheng4 prove, confirm, verify/proof, certificate/proof/to prove/to demonstrate/to confirm/certificate/proof
374 近 jin4 near/close (to)/approximately
375 失 shi1 to lose/to miss/to fail
376 转 zhuan3/zhuan4 to convey/to forward (mail)/to transfer/to turn/to shift, to revolve/to turn/to circle about/to walk about
377 夫 fu1 porter, husband/man
378 令 ling4 make or cause to be/order/command/decree/honorable
379 准 zhun3 to allow/to grant/to permit/accurate/standard, accurate/standard
380 布 bu4 diffuse/extend/notify, to declare/to announce/to spread/to make known/spread/(cotton) cloth
381 始 shi3 begin
382 怎 zen3 how
383 呢 ne/ni2 (question particle), woolen material
384 存 cun2 exist/deposit/store/keep/survive
385 未 wei4 1-3 p.m./8th earthly branch/not yet/did not/have not/not
386 远 yuan3 far/distant/remote
387 叫 jiao4 to (be) call(ed)
388 台 tai2 surname/(classical) you (in letters)/platform/Taiwan (abbr.), desk/platform, (measure word)/platform/stage/terrace/stand/support/desk/station/broadcasting station, typhoon
389 单 chan2/dan1/shan4 chieftain, bill/list/form/single/only/sole, (surname)
390 影 ying3 picture/image/reflection/shadow
391 具 ju4 tool/device/utensil/equipment/instrument
392 罗 luo1/luo2 fussy/talkative, subordinate in a gang of bandits, (surname)/gauze/to collect/to gather/to catch/to shift
393 字 zi4 letter/symbol/character/word
394 爱 ai4 to love/affection/to be fond of/to like
395 击 ji1 to hit/to strike/to break
396 流 liu2 to flow/to spread/to circulate/to move
397 备 bei4 to prepare/get ready/to provide or equip
398 兵 bing1 soldiers/a force/an army/weapons/arms/military/warlike
399 连 lian2 (surname)/even/as/join/to link/successively
400 调 diao4/tiao2 mode (music)/to move (troops)/tune/tone/melody/to transfer, harmonize/reconcile/blend/suit well/provoke/incite

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