Do you want any drink?

You want to drink what?

我想喝珍珠奶茶. 小陳你呢?
我(wo3)想(xiang3)喝(he)珍(zhen)珠(zhu)奶(nai3)茶(cha2). 小(xiao3)陈(chen2)你(ni3)呢(ne)?
I want to dring bubble tea. You, Chen?

我肚子有點不舒服, 還是別喝冰的好. 就來杯綠茶吧.
我(wo3)肚(du4)子(zi)有(you)点(dian3)不(bu4)舒(shu)服(fu2), 还(hai2)是(shi4)别(bie2)喝(he)冰(bing)的(de)好(hao3). 就(jiu4)来(lai2)杯(bei)绿(lu4)茶(cha2)吧(ba).
My stomach does not feel well better not drink cold stuff I’ll have a cup of green tea.

多少錢? 多(duo2)少(shao3)钱(qian2)?
How much?

珍珠奶茶十二塊, 綠茶十塊錢, 一共是二十二塊錢.
珍(zhen)珠(zhu)奶(nai3)茶(cha2)十(shi2)二(er4)块(kuai4), 绿(lu4)茶(cha2)十(shi2)块(kuai4)钱(qian2), 一(yi2)共(gong4)是(shi4)二(er4)十(shi2)二(er4)块(kuai4)钱(qian2).
bubble tea is twelve RMB Green tea is ten RMB altogether is twenty two RMB

Let’s go dutch.

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