1501-1600 Most Frequently Used Characters

1501 彭 peng2 (surname)
1502 拔 ba2 pull up/pull out/select/promote
1503 骗 pian4 to cheat/to swindle/to deceive/to fool
1504 凤 feng4 phoenix
1505 慧 hui4 intelligent
1506 媒 mei2 medium/intermediary/matchmaker/go-between
1507 佩 pei4 to respect/wear (belt, etc.), girdle ornaments
1508 愤 fen4 indignant/anger/resentment
1509 扑 pu1 to rush at/to throw oneself on, rush on
1510 龄 ling2 age
1511 驱 qu1 to expel/to urge on/to drive/to run quickly
1512 惜 xi1 pity, regret, rue, begrudge
1513 豪 hao2 grand/heroic
1514 掩 yan3 cover up/to surprise
1515 兼 jian1 double/twice/simultaneous/holding two or more (official) posts at the same time
1516 跃 yue4 to jump/to leap
1517 尸 shi1 corpse
1518 肃 su4 Gansu/respectful
1519 帕 pa4 handkerchief
1520 驶 shi3 hasten/proceed to/sail a vessel
1521 堡 bao3/pu4 an earthwork/castle/position of defense/stronghold, character used in place names
1522 届 jie4 arrive at (place or time)/period/to become due/measure words for events (e.g., meetings, elections)
1523 欣 xin1 happy
1524 惠 hui4 favor/kind act (from above)
1525 册 ce4 book/a measure word for books/booklet
1526 储 chu3 savings/to save/to deposit/to store/(a surname)
1527 飘 piao1 to float
1528 桑 sang1 mulberry tree
1529 闲 xian2 to stay idle/to be unoccupied/not busy/leisure/enclosure
1530 惨 can3 miserable/wretched/cruel/inhuman/seriously/badly/tragic
1531 洁 jie2 clean
1532 踪 zong1 footprint/trace/tracks
1533 勃 bo2 flourishing/prosperous/suddenly/abruptly
1534 宾 bin1 visitor/guest
1535 频 pin2 frequency/frequently/repetitious
1536 仇 chou2/qiu2 hatred/animosity/enmity/a rival/an enemy/feud, (surname)/match/mate
1537 磨 mo2/mo4 to sharpen/to delay/hardship/to grind/to rub, grindstone
1538 递 di4 to hand over/to pass/to give
1539 邪 xie2 demonical/iniquitous/nefarious
1540 撞 zhuang4 to hit/to strike/to meet by accident/to run into/to bump against/to bump into
1541 拟 ni3 plan to
1542 滚 gun3 to boil/to roll
1543 奏 zou4 present a memorial
1544 巡 xun2 to patrol/to make one's rounds
1545 颜 yan2 (surname)/color/countenance
1546 剂 ji4 dose
1547 绩 ji1/ji4 merit/accomplishment
1548 贡 gong4 tribute/gifts
1549 疯 feng1 insane/mad/wild
1550 坡 po1 slope
1551 瞧 qiao2 look at
1552 截 jie2 a section/cut off (a length)
1553 燃 ran2 burn/combustion
1554 焦 jiao1 burnt/scorched/worried/anxious
1555 殿 dian4 palace hall
1556 伪 wei3 false/fake/forged/bogus
1557 柳 liu3 willow/Liu (a surname)
1558 锁 suo3 to lock up/to lock
1559 逼 bi1 close to/compel, force/compel/drive/press for/extort/press on towards/press up to/close in on/close
1560 颇 po1 quite/rather/uneven/sloping
1561 昏 hun1 muddle-headed/twilight/to faint/to lose consciousness
1562 劝 quan4 to advise/to urge/to try to persuade/exhort
1563 呈 cheng2 to assume (a form)/to submit/to petition/to show/to present/to offer
1564 搜 sou1 to search
1565 勤 qin2 diligent/frequent
1566 戒 jie4 swear off/warn against
1567 驾 jia4 to drive/to draw/to harness/to mount
1568 漂 piao1/piao3/piao4 to float/to drift, to bleach, elegant/polished
1569 饮 yin3 drink
1570 曹 cao2 a company/a class/a generation/(a surname)
1571 朵 duo3 M for flowers
1572 仔 zi1/zi3/zai3 duty/responsibility, minutely/young
1573 柔 rou2 soft
1574 俩 lia3/liang3 (a numeral-measure word) two/both, craft/cunning
1575 孟 meng4 first month/eldest brother/(surname)
1576 腐 fu3 decay/rotten
1577 幼 you4 young
1578 践 jian4 fulfill (a promise)/tread/walk
1579 籍 ji2 (surname)/record/register/native place
1580 牧 mu4 shepherd
1581 凉 liang2 cool/cold
1582 牲 sheng1 domestic animal
1583 佳 jia1 excellent
1584 娜 nuo2/na4 elegant/graceful
1585 浓 nong2 concentrated/dense
1586 芳 fang1 fragrant
1587 稿 gao3 manuscript/draft/stalk of grain
1588 竹 zhu2 bamboo
1589 腹 fu4 abdomen/stomach/belly
1590 跌 die1 to drop/to fall/to tumble
1591 逻 luo2 logic/patrol
1592 垂 chui2 to hang (down)/droop/dangle/bend down/hand down/bequeath/nearly/almost/to approach
1593 遵 zun1 to observe/to obey/to follow
1594 脉 mai4 mountain range/pulse
1595 貌 mao4 appearance
1596 柏 bai3/bo4 (surname)/cedar/cypress, cypress/cedar
1597 狱 yu4 prison
1598 猜 cai1 to guess
1599 怜 lian2 to pity
1600 惑 huo4 confuse

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