Getting RMB in the Bank

A. 小姐,我需要換五百元美金.

A. 小(xiao3)姐(jie3),我(wo3)需(xu)要(yao4)换(huan4)五(wu3)百(bai3)元(yuan2)美(mei3)金(jin).

Madam, I need to exchange for $500 US dollars.

B. 請排隊.

B. 请(qing3)排(pai2)队(duei4).

Please wait in line.

A. 今天是星期一¸怎麼這麼多人?

A. 今(jin)天(tian)是(shi4)星(xing)期(qi2)一(yi)¸怎(zhen3)麽(me)这(zhe4)麽(me)多(duo)人(ren2)?
Today is Monday. How come the line is so long?

C. 週末逛街,錢都花光了. 你去了哪裏?

C. 週(zhou)末(muo4)逛(guang4)街(jie),钱(qian2)都(dou)花(hua)光(guang)了(le). 你(ni3)去(qu4)了(le)哪(na3)裏(li3)?

Weekend window shopping. Spent it all. Did you go anywhere?

A. 哪兒都沒去. 才出門,走著走著, 錢包就被扒手扒掉了.

A. 哪(na3)儿(er2)都(dou)没(mei2)去(qu4). 才(cai2)出(chu)门(men2),走(zhou3)著(zhe)走(zhou3)著(zhe), 钱(qian2)包(bao)就(jiu4)被(bei4)扒(pa2)手(shou3)扒(pa2)掉(diao4)了(le).

Nowhere. Just got out and walked around, then my wallet was stolen by some pocket-pickers.

C. 唉呀, 你運氣真不好. 出門還是小心點好. 皮夾得看緊著點.

C. 唉(ai)呀(yia), 你(ni3)运(yun4)气(qi4)真(zhen)不(bu4)好(hao3). 出(chu)门(men2)还(hai2)是(shi4)小(xiao3)心(xin)点(dian3)好(hao3). 皮(pi2)夹(jia2)得(dei3)看(kan4)紧(jin3)著(zhe)点(dian).

Aiya, you are surely not lucky. Better be careful when you travel. Pay special attention to your wallet.

B. 四十一号B.


Number 41.

A. 輪到我了.

A. 轮(lun2)到(dao4)我(wo3)了(le).

My turn.

B. 先生,你有戶頭嗎?

B. 先(xian)生(sheng),你(ni3)有(you3)户(hu4)头(tou2)吗(ma)?

Sir, do you have an account with us?

A. 沒有.我是觀光客.來北京旅遊的

A. 没(mei2)有(you3).我(wo3)是(shi4)观(guan)光(guang)客(ke4).来(lai2)北(bei3)京(jing)旅(lu3)遊(you2)的(de)

No, Madam, I am a tourist. I am here in Beijing for touring.

B. 請你把護照給我看.

B. 请(qing3)你(ni3)把(ba3)护(hu4)照(zhao4)给(gei3)我(wo3)看(kan4).

May I see your passport?

A. 需要護照嗎? 我的護照昨天被扒手扒掉了.

A. 需(xu)要(yao4)护(hu4)照(zhao4)吗(ma)? 我(wo3)的(de)护(hu4)照(zhao4)昨(zuo2)天(tian)被(bei4)扒(pa2)手(shou3)扒(pa2)掉(diao4)了(le).

Do I need passport? My passport was stolen yesterday by some pocket-pickers.

B. 對不起,沒有護照,你不能換錢,你還是先去警察局報案吧.

B. 对(dui4)不(bu4)起(qi3),没(mei2)有(you3)护(hu4)照(zhao4),你(ni3)不(bu4)能(neng2)换(huan4)钱(qian2), 你(ni3)还(hai2)是(shi4)先(xian)去(qu4)警(jing3)察(cha2)局(ju2)报(bao4)案(an4)吧(ba).

Sorry, but without passport you cannot get money exchanged.
You’d better first go to the Police Station to report of your loss.

A. 這附近有警察局嗎?

A. 这(zhe4)附(fu4)近(jin4)有(you3)警(jing3)察(cha3)局(ju2)吗(ma)?

Is there a Police Station nearby?

B. 離這最近的警察局在西單. 你得坐兩站地鐵.

B. 离(li2)这(zhe4)最(zui4)近(jin4)的(de)警(jing3)察(cha3)局(ju2)在(zai4)西(xi)单(dan). 你(ni3)得(dei3)坐(zuo4)两(liang3)站(zan4)地(di4)铁(tie3).

The nearest one is at Xi Dan. You need to take subway for two stops.

A. 真麻煩.

A. 真(zhen)麻(ma2)烦(fan2).

So much trouble.

B. 沒辦法, 誰叫你護照被扒了? 以後最好不要把護照和錢包
放在一起, 免得所有重要 證件一塊兒丟.

B. 没(mei2)办(ban4)法(fa3), 谁(shui2)叫(jiao4)你(ni3)护(hu4)照(zhao4)被(bei4)扒(pa2)了(le)? 以(yi3)後(hou4)最(zui4)好(hao3)不(bu2)要(yao4)把(ba3)护(hu4)照(zhao4)和(he2)钱(qian2)包(bao)放(fang4)在(zai4)一(yi)起(qi3), 免(mian)得(de2)所(suo3)有(you3)重(zhong4)要(yao4) 證(zheng4)件(jian4)一(yi2)块(huai4)儿(er2)丢(diu).

Well, there is no other option. Why did you get your passport stolen? Next time you’d better not put the passport and the wallet together so that you would not have all important documents all stolen at once.

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