501-600 Most Frequently Used Characters

501 武 wu3 martial/military
502 红 hong2 bonus/popular/red/revolutionary
503 响 xiang3 to make a sound/to sound/to ring/(a measure word for sound)/loud
504 虽 sui1 although/even though
505 推 tui1 push/refuse (responsibility)/shove
506 势 shi4 conditions/influence/tendency
507 参 can1/shen1 take part in/participate/join/attend/to join/unequal/varied/irregular/to counsel/uneven/not uniform, ginseng
508 希 xi1 rare/infrequent
509 古 gu3 ancient/old
510 众 zhong4 multitude
511 构 gou4 Broussonetia papyrifera/to construct/to form/to make up/to compose
512 房 fang2 house
513 半 ban4 half/semi-/incomplete/(after a number) and a half/half
514 节 jie2/jie1 festival/section/segment/point/part/to economize/to save/temperate
515 土 tu3 earth/dust
516 投 tou2 to throw/to send
517 某 mou3 (used before measure word and noun) some/(a) certain/so and so
518 案 an4 (legal) case/incident/record/file/table
519 黑 hei1 black/dark
520 维 wei2 to preserve/to maintain/to hold together/dimension
521 革 ge2 leather/remove
522 划 hua2/hua4 to row, to delimit/to transfer/to assign/to differentiate/to mark off/to draw (a line)/to delete/stroke of a Chinese character
523 敌 di2 enemy/match
524 致 zhi4 fine and close, to send/to devote/to deliver/to cause/to convey
525 陈 chen2 arrange/exhibit/narrate/tell/old/stale/a surname/to state/to display/to explain/(surname)
526 律 lu:4/lv4 law
527 足 zu2 foot/to be sufficient
528 态 tai4 attitude
529 护 hu4 protect
530 七 qi1 seven/7
531 兴 xing1/xing4 flourish/it is the fashion to/to become popular, interest
532 派 pai4 clique/school/group/faction/to dispatch
533 孩 hai2 child
534 验 yan4 to examine/to test/to check
535 责 ze2 duty/responsibility/to reproach/to blame
536 营 ying2 army/to deal in/to trade/to operate/to run/camp/nourishment/to manage
537 星 xing1 star/satellite/small amount
538 够 gou4 to reach/to be enough
539 章 zhang1 (surname)/chapter/seal/section
540 音 yin1 sound/noise/news
541 跟 gen1 to follow/to go with/heel/with/and
542 志 zhi4 the will, sign/mark/to record/write a footnote
543 底 de/di3 (possessive part.)/(subor. part.), background/bottom/base
544 站 zhan4 station/to stand/to halt/to stop
545 严 yan2 (air or water) tight/stern/serious/strict/severe
546 巴 ba1 (suff. for certain nouns)/to hope/to wish/Palestinian, Palestine (abbrev.)/Pakistan (abbrev.)/Pascal (unit of pressure)
547 例 li4 example/precedent/rule/case/instance
548 防 fang2 to protect/to defend/to guard (against)
549 族 zu2 race/nationality/ethnicity/clan
550 供 gong1/gong4 offer (information etc.)/supply, offer/sacrificial offering/trial statement/confession
551 效 xiao4 imitate, effect/efficacy/imitate
552 续 xu4 continue/replenish
553 施 shi1 (surname)/distribute (alms)/to do/to execute/to carry out
554 留 liu2 leave (message)/to retain/to stay/to remain/to keep/to preserve
555 讲 jiang3 to talk/speech/to speak/to tell/to explain
556 型 xing2 model
557 料 liao4 material/stuff/grain/feed/to expect/to anticipate/to guess
558 终 zhong1 end/finish
559 答 da1/da2 to answer/agree, reply/answer/return/respond/echo
560 紧 jin3 tight/nervous/strict
561 黄 huang2 (surname)/sulfur/yellow
562 绝 jue2 cut short/extinct/to disappear/to vanish/absolutely/by no means
563 奇 ji1/qi2 odd (Num), strange/odd/weird/wonderful
564 察 cha2 examine/inquire/observe/inspect/look into/to examine
565 母 mu3 female/mother
566 京 jing1 capital/Beijing (abbrev.)
567 段 duan4 (surname)/paragraph/section/segment
568 依 yi1 according to/depend on/near to
569 批 pi1 to ascertain/(measure word for batches, lots)/to act on/to criticize/to pass on
570 群 qun2 crowd/flock/group
571 项 xiang4 (surname)/back of neck/item/thing
572 故 gu4 happening/instance/reason/cause/deceased/old
573 按 an4 to press (with the hand)/to push/to control/to restrain/to check/pressing down (brush movement in painting)/according to/in the light of
574 河 he2 river
575 米 mi3 (measure word) meter/rice
576 围 wei2 to circle/to surround
577 江 jiang1 river
578 织 zhi1 weave
579 害 hai4 to do harm to/to cause trouble to/harm/evil/calamity
580 斗 dou3/dou4 Chinese peck, to fight/to battle/to struggle/to incite, fight/incite
581 双 shuang1 two/double/pair/both
582 境 jing4 border/place/condition/boundary/circumstances/territory
583 客 ke4 customer/visitor/guest
584 纪 ji4 discipline/age/era/period/order/record
585 采 cai3/cai4 to pick/to pluck/to collect/to select/to choose/to gather, affairs/gather, allotment to a feudal noble
586 举 ju3 to lift/to hold up/to cite/to enumerate/to act/to raise/to choose/to elect
587 杀 sha1 to kill/to murder/to slaughter
588 攻 gong1 to attack/to accuse/to study
589 父 fu4 father
590 苏 su1 loquacious/nag, revive, (plant)/place name/revive
591 密 mi4 secret/confidential/close/thick/dense
592 低 di1 to lower (one's head)/to let droop/to hang down/low/to incline/beneath/low
593 朝 chao2/zhao1 to face/towards/facing/direct/a dynasty/the imperial court/(abbr.) Korea, esp. N. Korea, morning
594 友 you3 friend
595 诉 su4 complain/sue/tell
596 止 zhi3 to stop/toe
597 细 xi4 fine/minutely/thin/slender
598 愿 yuan4 sincere/willing, hope/wish/desire/ready/willing
599 千 qian1 thousand, a swing
600 值 zhi2 value/(to be) worth/to happen

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