2401-2498 Most Frequently Used Characters

2401 栽 zai1 to force/to stick in/to plant
2402 沾 zhan1 infected by/moisten/receive favors, moisten
2403 诈 zha4 crafty/dishonest
2404 斋 zhai1 a fast/studio
2405 瞒 man2 conceal from
2406 彪 biao1 a tiger-cat/stripes/streaks/veins
2407 厄 e4 distressed
2408 咨 zi1 consult
2409 纺 fang3 spin
2410 罐 guan4 can/jar/pot
2411 桶 tong3 pail/bucket/bin/barrel
2412 壤 rang3 soil/earth
2413 糕 gao1 cake
2414 颂 song4 to praise
2415 膨 peng2 swollen
2416 谐 xie2 harmonious
2417 垒 lei3 rampart
2418 咕 gu1 mutter
2419 隙 xi4 crack/occasion for dislike
2420 辣 la4 hot (spicy)/pungent
2421 绑 bang3 to tie/bind or fasten together
2422 宠 chong3 to love/to pamper/to spoil/to favor
2423 嘿 hei1 hey
2424 兑 dui4 to cash
2425 霉 mei2 bacteria/fungi/moldy
2426 挫 cuo4 be obstructed/fail/oppress/repress/lower the tone/bend back/dampen
2427 稽 ji1/qi3 inspect/check, bow to the ground
2428 辐 fu2 spoke of a wheel
2429 乞 qi3 beg
2430 纱 sha1 cotton yarn/muslin
2431 裙 qun2 skirt
2432 嘻 xi1 laugh/giggle
2433 哇 wa1/wa sound of child's crying
2434 绣 xiu4 to embroider
2435 杖 zhang4 cane, walking stick
2436 塘 tang2 pond
2437 衍 yan3 to spread out/to develop/to overflow/to amplify
2438 轴 zhou2/zhu2 axis/axle, axis/axle
2439 攀 pan1 climb up/pull
2440 膊 bo2 shoulder/upper arm
2441 譬 pi4 give an example
2442 斌 bin1 ornamental/refined
2443 祈 qi2 implore/pray/please
2444 踢 ti1 kick/play (football or soccer)
2445 肆 si4 four (fraud-proof)/market
2446 坎 kan3 pit/threshold
2447 轿 jiao4 sedan chair
2448 棚 peng2 shed
2449 泣 qi4 to sob
2450 屡 lu:3/lv3 time and again
2451 躁 zao4 hot-tempered/impatient
2452 邱 qiu1 (surname)/mound
2453 凰 huang2 phoenix
2454 溢 yi4 overflow
2455 椎 chui2/zhui1 a hammer, spine
2456 砸 za2 smash/smashed
2457 趟 tang4 a time/a trip
2458 帘 lian2 wine shop sign
2459 帆 fan1 sail
2460 栖 qi1/xi1 to roost/to inhabit/to stay/habitat, to roost/to inhabit/to stay/habitat
2461 窜 cuan4 flee/escape/run away/leap
2462 丸 wan2 pill
2463 斩 zhan3 behead/chop
2464 堤 di1 dike
2465 塌 ta1 collapse
2466 贩 fan4 deal in/trade in/to peddle/to sell
2467 厢 xiang1 box (in theater)/side room
2468 掀 xian1 lift (cover)
2469 喀 ka1 (onomat.)
2470 乖 guai1 (of a child) obedient, well-behaved/clever
2471 谜 mi2 riddle
2472 捏 nie1 to pinch (with one's fingers)/to knead/to make up
2473 阎 yan2 (surname)/gate of village
2474 滨 bin1 shore/beach/coast/bank
2475 虏 lu3 take captive
2476 匙 chi2/shi spoon
2477 芦 lu2 rush/reed/Phragmites communis
2478 苹 pin2/ping2 marsiliaceae/clover fern, (artemisia)/duckweed, apple
2479 卸 xie4 unload/take off
2480 沼 zhao3 pond/pool
2481 钥 yao4/yue4 key, key
2482 株 zhu1 (a measure word, use with plants)/trunk of tree
2483 祷 dao3 prayer/pray/supplication
2484 剖 pou1 to cut
2485 熙 xi1 prosperous/splendid
2486 哗 hua1/hua2 crashing sound, cat-calling sound/clamor/noise, clamor/noise
2487 劈 pi1/pi3 hack/chop/split open, split in two/divide
2488 怯 qie4 afraid/rustic
2489 棠 tang2 cherry-apple
2490 胳 ge1 armpit
2491 桩 zhuang1 item/stump/stake/pile
2492 瑰 gui1 (semi-precious stone)/extraordinary
2493 娱 yu2 amuse
2494 娶 qu3 take a wife
2495 沫 mo4 foam/suds
2496 嗓 sang3 throat/voice
2497 蹲 dun1 crouch/squat
2498 焚 fen2 burn

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