1801-1900 Most Frequently Used Characters

1801 隶 li4 attached to/scribe
1802 履 lu:3/lv3 shoe/to tread on
1803 涨 zhang3/zhang4 to rise (of prices, rivers), to swell/distend
1804 耀 yao4 brilliant/glorious
1805 扭 niu3 to turn/to twist/to grab/to wring
1806 坛 tan2 altar
1807 拨 bo1 to push aside/to appropriate (money)/to move/to set aside/group/batch/to poke/to stir
1808 沃 wo4 fertile/rich
1809 绘 hui4 to draw/to paint
1810 伐 fa2 (v) cut down; fell/(v) dispatch an expedition against; descend upon
1811 堪 kan1 endure
1812 仆 pu1/pu2 fall prostrate, servant
1813 郭 guo1 (surname)/outer city wall
1814 牺 xi1 sacrifice
1815 歼 jian1 annihilate
1816 墓 mu4 tomb
1817 雇 gu4 hire
1818 廉 lian2 incorrupt/inexpensive
1819 契 qi4 contract
1820 拼 pin1 piece together/stake (all)/spell/join together
1821 惩 cheng2 punish/discipline
1822 捉 zhuo1 to clutch/to grab/to capture
1823 覆 fu4 to cover/to overflow/to reply to a letter/to overturn/to capsize
1824 刷 shua1/shua4 brush, to select
1825 劫 jie2 plunder
1826 嫌 xian2 to dislike/to suspect
1827 瓜 gua1 melon/claw/gourd/squash
1828 歇 xie1 to rest
1829 雕 diao1 engrave, engrave/shrewd, golden eagle
1830 闷 men1/men4 smother/stuffy, melancholy
1831 乳 ru3 breast/milk
1832 串 chuan4 to string together/to mix up/to conspire/to connect/(a measure word)/string
1833 娃 wa2 baby/doll
1834 缴 jiao3 hand in/hand over
1835 唤 huan4 to call
1836 赢 ying2 to beat/to win/to profit
1837 莲 lian2 lotus
1838 霸 ba4 feudal chief/rule by force/tyrant/lord/master/hegemon/usurp
1839 桃 tao2 peach
1840 妥 tuo3 secure/sound
1841 瘦 shou4 tight/thin/lean
1842 搭 da1 build (scaffolding)/take (boat, train)/hang/join/match/take passage
1843 赴 fu4 go towards/go to/attend (a banquet, etc.)/to go
1844 岳 yue4 (surname)/mountain/wife's father, mountain
1845 嘉 jia1 excellent
1846 舱 cang1 cabin/the hold of a ship or airplane
1847 俊 4-Jun smart/eminent/handsome/talented
1848 址 zhi3 location/site
1849 庞 pang2 (surname)/huge/enormous/tremendous
1850 耕 geng1 to plow/to till
1851 锐 rui4 acute
1852 缝 feng2/feng4 to sew/to stitch, crack/seam
1853 悔 hui3 regret
1854 邀 yao1 invite to come
1855 玲 ling2 (used in compounds)/tinkling of gem-pendants
1856 惟 wei2 #NAME?
1857 斥 chi4 blame/reprove/reprimand
1858 宅 zhai2 residence
1859 添 tian1 to add/to increase/to replenish
1860 挖 wa1 to dig/to excavate/to scoop out
1861 呵 a1/he1 (phonetic particle), expel breath/my goodness
1862 讼 song4 litigation
1863 氧 yang3 oxygen
1864 浩 hao4 grand/vast (water)
1865 羽 yu3 feather
1866 斤 jin1 catty/weight equal to 0.5 kg
1867 酷 ku4 ruthless/strong (as of wine)/(slang loan from English) cool, great
1868 掠 lue4/lue3 plunder
1869 妖 yao1 goblin/witch/devil/bewitching/enchanting/monster/phantom
1870 祸 huo4 disaster
1871 侍 shi4 attend on
1872 乙 yi3 B (in a sequence of examples involving "A", "B", "C", etc.)/2nd heavenly stem/2nd in order
1873 妨 fang2 hinder/harm
1874 贪 tan1 greedy
1875 挣 zheng1/zheng4 struggle, to earn/to make (money)
1876 汪 wang1 (surname)/expanse of water/ooze
1877 尿 sui1/niao4 urinate/urine
1878 莉 li4 jasmine
1879 悬 xuan2 hang/suspend
1880 唇 chun2 lip
1881 翰 han4 pen
1882 仓 cang1 barn/granary/storehouse/cabin/hold (in ship)
1883 轨 gui3 course/path/track/rail
1884 枚 mei2 M for small objects
1885 盐 yan2 salt
1886 览 lan3 look over/to view
1887 傅 fu4 (surname)/tutor
1888 帅 shuai4 handsome/graceful/smart/commander in chief
1889 庙 miao4 temple/monastery
1890 芬 fen1 fragrant
1891 屏 bing3/ping2 get rid of/put aside/reject/keep control/hold back, (standing) screen
1892 寺 si4 Buddhist temple
1893 胖 pang4 fat/plump
1894 璃 li2 colored glaze/glass
1895 愚 yu2 stupid
1896 滴 di1 a drop/to drip
1897 疏 shu1 negligent/sparse/thin
1898 萧 xiao1 mournful
1899 姿 zi1 beauty/disposition/looks/appearance
1900 颤 zhan4/chan4 to tremble/to shiver/to shake/to vibrate

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