701-800 Most Frequently Used Characters

701 洲 zhou1 continent/island
702 冲 chong1/chong4 to rinse/to collide/to water/to rush/to dash (against)/to wash out/to charge/highway/public road, dash against, strong/powerful/forceful/dynamic/to punch, of great force/towards
703 射 she4 radio- (chem.)/shoot
704 略 lue4 plan/strategy/outline/summary/slightly/rather/to rob/to plunder/to summarize
705 范 fan4 pattern/model/example/(surname)
706 竟 jing4 unexpectedly/actually/to go so far as to/indeed
707 句 ju4 (a measure word, for sentences or lines of verse)/sentence
708 室 shi4 room
709 异 yi4 (interj.)/raise/to stop, different/unusual/strange
710 激 ji1 to arouse/to incite/to excite/to stimulate/sharp/fierce/violent
711 汉 han4 Chinese/name of a dynasty
712 村 cun1 village
713 哈 ha1/ha3 laughter/yawn, a Pekinese/a pug
714 策 ce4 method/plan/policy/scheme
715 演 yan3 to develop/to evolve/to practice/to perform/to play/to act
716 简 jian3 simple
717 卡 ka3/qia3 to check/to stop/to block/card, customs station/to be choked/to fasten/to clip/to wedge/checkpost
718 罪 zui4 guilt/crime/fault/blame/sin
719 判 pan4 to judge/to sentence/to discriminate/to discern
720 担 dan1/dan4 to undertake/to carry/to shoulder/to take responsibility, a picul (133.33 lbs.)/burden/a load/responsibility
721 州 zhou1 (United States) state/province/sub-prefecture
722 静 jing4 still/calm/quiet/not moving
723 退 tui4 retreat/to decline/to move back/to withdraw
724 既 ji4 already/since/both... (and...)
725 衣 yi1/yi4 clothes, gown/to dress/to wear
726 您 nin2 you (formal)
727 宗 zong1 school/sect/purpose/model/ancestor/family
728 积 ji1 to amass/to accumulate/to store/old/long-standing
729 余 yu2 extra/surplus/remaining/after/I/me
730 痛 tong4 ache/pain/sorrow
731 检 jian3 to check/to examine/to inspect
732 差 cha1/cha4/chai1/ci1 difference/discrepancy/to differ/error/to err/to make a mistake, differ from/short of/to lack/poor, send/a messenger/a mission/to commission, uneven
733 富 fu4 rich
734 灵 ling2 alert/departed soul/efficacious/quick/effective/intelligence
735 协 xie2 cooperate/harmonize/to help/to assist/to join
736 角 jiao3/jue2 angle/horn/horn-shaped, Chinese musical note/angle/horn
737 占 zhan1/zhan4 to observe/to divine, to divine, to occupy/to constitute/to make up/to account
738 配 pei4 to join/to fit/to mate/to mix/to match/to deserve/to make up (a prescription)
739 征 zheng1 attack/levy (troops or taxes)/journey/trip/expedition
740 修 xiu1 to decorate/to embellish/to repair/to build/to study/to write/to cultivate
741 皮 pi2 leather/skin/fur
742 挥 hui1 scatter/wield/wipe away
743 胜 sheng1/sheng4 (also sheng4) able to do/competent enough to, peptide, victorious
744 降 jiang4/xiang2 to drop/to fall/to come down/to descend, surrender
745 阶 jie1 rank or step/stairs
746 审 shen3 to examine/to investigate/carefully/to try (in court)
747 沉 chen2 submerge/immerse/sink/deep/profound/to lower/to drop
748 坚 jian1 strong/solid/firm/unyielding/resolute
749 善 shan4 good
750 妈 ma1 ma/mamma
751 刘 liu2 (surname)/to kill
752 读 dou4/du2 comma/phrase marked by pause, to read/to study
753 啊 a1/a2/a3/a4/a (interj.)/ah, an interjection/to express doubt or to question/to show realization/to stress, (interj. for surprise), oh (interjection), (a modal particle showing affirmation, approval, or consent)
754 超 chao1 to exceed/overtake/surpass/transcend/ultra-/super-/to pass/to cross
755 免 mian3 to exempt/to remove/to avoid/to excuse
756 压 ya1/ya4 to press/to push down/to keep under (control), in the first place/to crush
757 银 yin2 silver
758 买 mai3 buy
759 皇 huang2 (surname)/emperor
760 养 yang3 give birth/keep (pets)/to support/to bring sb. up/to raise (pig, etc.)
761 伊 yi1 he/she/(surname)/Iraq (abbrev.)
762 怀 huai2 to think of/to cherish/mind/heart/bosom
763 执 zhi2 execute (a plan)/grasp
764 副 fu4 secondary/auxiliary/deputy/assistant/vice-/(measure word for a pair)
765 乱 luan4 in confusion/disorderly
766 抗 kang4 to resist/to fight/to defy
767 犯 fan4 to violate/to offend
768 追 zhui1 pursue (a problem)/to chase
769 帮 bang1 to assist/to support/to help/group/gang/party
770 宣 xuan1 to declare (publicly)/to announce
771 佛 fo2/fu2 Buddha/Buddhism, seemingly
772 岁 sui4 year/years old/(a measure word)
773 航 hang2 boat/ship/vessel/craft/to navigate/to sail
774 优 you1 excellent/superior
775 怪 guai4 queer/to blame
776 香 xiang1 fragrant/incense/(of food) savory/appetizing/sweet/scented/popular
777 著 zhu4/zhe
778 田 tian2 (surname)/field/farm
779 铁 tie3 iron
780 控 kong4 to accuse/to charge/to control/to sue
781 税 shui4 taxes/duties
782 左 zuo3 left
783 右 you4 right (-hand)
784 份 fen4 (a measure word for gifts, copies of a newspaper)/copy (of newspaper, magazine, etc.)/share/portion/part/(a measure word)
785 穿 chuan1 to bore through/pierce/perforate/penetrate/pass through/to dress/to wear/to put on/to thread
786 艺 yi4 skill/art
787 背 bei1/bei4 carry on one's back, to be burdened/to carry on the back or shoulder, learn by heart/the back of the body
788 阵 zhen4 disposition of troops/short period/wave/spate/burst/spell
789 草 cao3 grass/straw/draft (of a document)/careless/rough/manuscript/hasty
790 脚 jiao3/jue2 a kick/foot/role, role
791 概 gai4 general/approximate
792 恶 e3/e4/wu4 nauseated, evil, to hate/to loathe
793 块 kuai1/kuai4 piece/chunk/lump/(measure word for chunks, lumps), yuan (unit of currency)/fast (of a watch)/swift/rapid/happy/joyful/soon/quick/(a measure word, for cloth, cake, soap)
794 顿 dun4 a time/jerk/stop/meal/bout/spell/(measure for beating)
795 敢 gan3 dare
796 守 shou3 to guard
797 酒 jiu3 wine/liquor/spirits
798 岛 dao3 island
799 托 tuo1 to hold in one's hand/to entrust/to support in one's palm, entrust
800 央 yang1 beg/center

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