2001-2100 Most Frequently Used Characters

2001 贼 zei2 thief
2002 亭 ting2 pavilion
2003 夕 xi1/xi4 evening, dusk
2004 爹 die1 dad
2005 酬 chou2 entertain/repay/return/reward/compensate
2006 儒 ru2 scholar/Confucian
2007 姻 yin1 marriage connections
2008 卵 luan3 ovum
2009 氛 fen1 miasma/vapor
2010 泄 xie4 divulge/leak out
2011 杆 gan1/gan3 pole, measure for guns, stick/pole
2012 挨 ai1/ai2 lean to/in order/in sequence, next to/suffer (hunger)/endure/drag out/delay/stall/play for time
2013 僧 seng1 monk
2014 蜜 mi4 honey
2015 吟 yin2 moan/to hum
2016 猩 xing1 ape
2017 遂 sui4/sui2 forthwith
2018 狭 xia2 narrow/narrow-minded
2019 肖 xiao4/xiao1 similar/resembling/to resemble/to be like
2020 甜 tian2 sweet
2021 霞 xia2 red clouds
2022 驳 bo2 argue/parti-colored/tranship/dispute/contradict/refute, argue/parti-colored/tranship
2023 裕 yu4 abundant
2024 顽 wan2 mischievous/obstinate/to play/stupid/stubborn/naughty
2025 於 yu1/yu2 (surname)
2026 摘 zhai1 to borrow/to pick (flowers, fruit)/to pluck/to take/to select
2027 矮 ai3 short (not tall)
2028 秒 miao3 (a measure word)/second
2029 卿 qing1 (old) minister/(old) term of endearment between spouses/thou (poet.)
2030 畜 chu4/xu4 livestock/domesticated animal/domestic animal, to raise (animals)
2031 咽 yan1/yan4/ye4 narrow pass/throat, to swallow, to choke (in crying)
2032 披 pi1 scatter/separate/to open/to unroll/to spread out
2033 辅 fu3 to assist/to complement/auxiliary
2034 勾 gou1/gou4 to cancel/to delineate/hook, affair/to reach for (with hand)
2035 盆 pen2 basin
2036 疆 jiang1 border/boundary
2037 赌 du3 bet/gamble
2038 塑 su4 to model (a figure) in clay
2039 畏 wei4 to fear
2040 吵 chao3 to quarrel/to make a noise/noisy/to disturb by making a noise
2041 囊 nang2 sack
2042 嗯 en1/ng/en4 (a groaning sound)
2043 泊 bo2 to anchor/touch at/to moor
2044 肺 fei4 lung
2045 骤 zhou4 sudden/suddenly
2046 缠 chan2 to bother/wind around/wrap round/coil/involve/annoy/tangle
2047 冈 gang1 ridge/mound
2048 羞 xiu1 shy/ashamed/shame/bashful
2049 瞪 deng4 stare at
2050 吊 diao4 to hang a person, condole with/hang
2051 贾 gu3/jia3 merchant/to buy, (surname)
2052 漏 lou4 funnel/to leak/to let out/to divulge
2053 斑 ban1 variegated
2054 涛 tao1 big wave
2055 悠 you1 at ease/long (in time)/sad
2056 鹿 lu4 deer
2057 俘 fu2 prisoner of war
2058 锡 xi2/xi1 tin
2059 卑 bei1 low/base/vulgar/inferior/humble
2060 葬 zang4 bury (the dead)
2061 铭 ming2 inscribed motto
2062 滩 tan1 beach/shoal
2063 嫁 jia4 marry (a husband)
2064 催 cui1 urge/press/expedite/prompt/hurry
2065 璇 xuan2 (jade)
2066 翅 chi4 wing
2067 盒 he2 small box/case
2068 蛮 man2 barbarian/bullying/very/quite/rough/reckless
2069 矣 yi3 final part.
2070 潘 pan1 (surname)
2071 歧 qi2 divergent/side road
2072 赐 ci4 confer/bestow/grant
2073 鲍 bao4 abalone
2074 锅 guo1 pot/pan/boiler
2075 廊 lang2 porch
2076 拆 chai1 to tear open/to tear down/to tear apart/to open
2077 灌 guan4 irrigate/pour
2078 勉 mian3 exhort
2079 盲 mang2 blind
2080 宰 zai3 slaughter/butcher/govern/rule/official
2081 佐 zuo3 assist
2082 啥 sha2 (dialect) what
2083 胀 zhang4 dropsical/swollen/to swell/to be bloated
2084 扯 che3 pull/tear/to talk casually
2085 禧 xi3 joy
2086 辽 liao2 Liaoning/name of a dynasty
2087 抹 mo3/mo4 play/to smear, girdle/brassiere/to plaster
2088 筒 tong3 tube/cylinder
2089 棋 qi2 chess
2090 裤 ku4 drawers/trousers/pants
2091 唉 ai1/ai4 an interjection/to express realization or agreement (yes, oh, right, etc), alas/oh dear
2092 朴 po4/pu3 Celtis sinensis var. japonica, Pak or Park (Korean surname)/plain and simple
2093 咐 fu4 to order
2094 孕 yun4 pregnant
2095 誓 shi4 oath/vow/to swear/to pledge
2096 喉 hou2 throat/larynx
2097 妄 wang4 absurd/fantastic
2098 拘 ju1 adhere/capture/restrain
2099 链 lian4 chain/lead or tin ore
2100 驰 chi2 run fast/speed/spread/gallop

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