1601-1700 Most Frequently Used Characters

1601 陶 tao2 pottery, (surname)/pleased/pottery
1602 兽 shou4 beast/quadruped
1603 帐 zhang4 account/mosquito net/tent/curtain/debt/credit
1604 饰 shi4 adorn/ornaments
1605 贷 dai4 lend on interest/borrow/loan/make excuses/pardon/forgive
1606 昌 chang1 prosperous/flourish
1607 叙 xu4 narrate/abbreviation for Syria
1608 躺 tang3 to recline/to lie down
1609 钢 gang1 steel
1610 沟 gou1 ditch/gutter
1611 寄 ji4 lodge at/to mail/to send/to entrust/to depend
1612 扶 fu2 to support with hand/to help sb. up/to help
1613 铺 pu1/pu4 to spread, a store, a bed/a store
1614 邓 deng4 Deng (Xiaoping)
1615 寿 shou4 (long) life
1616 惧 ju4 to fear
1617 询 xun2 inquire
1618 汤 tang1 (surname)/soup
1619 盗 dao4 steal/rob/plunder/a thief/bandit/robber
1620 肥 fei2 loose-fitting/fat/fertile
1621 尝 chang2 indicator of past tense/to taste/flavor/already/ever/once/test/already/formerly, to taste
1622 匆 cong1 hurried/hasty
1623 辉 hui1 bright/glorious
1624 奈 nai4 how can one help
1625 扣 kou4 10 percent/button/detain, button
1626 廷 ting2 palace courtyard
1627 澳 ao4 Australia/deep bay/cove/bay/harbor/(abbrev) Macao
1628 嘛 ma (a modal particle)
1629 董 dong3 (surname)/supervise/to direct/director
1630 迁 qian1 to move/to shift
1631 凝 ning2 congeal/concentrate attention
1632 慰 wei4 reassure
1633 厌 yan4 loathe
1634 脏 zang1/zang4 dirty/filthy, viscera
1635 腾 teng2 to soar/to gallop/to rise/to prance/to hover/to move out
1636 幽 you1 quiet/secluded
1637 怨 yuan4 blame/complain
1638 鞋 xie2 shoe
1639 丢 diu1 to lose/to put aside/to throw
1640 埋 mai2/man2 bury, to blame
1641 泉 quan2 fountain/spring
1642 涌 yong3 bubble up/rush forth
1643 辖 xia2 have jurisdiction over
1644 躲 duo3 avoid/get out of way/to hide/to go into hiding
1645 晋 jin4 name of a dynasty
1646 紫 zi3 purple
1647 艰 jian1 difficult/hard/hardship
1648 魏 wei4 (surname)/name of a dynasty
1649 吾 wu2 I/my
1650 慌 huang1 nervous
1651 祝 zhu4 invoke/pray to/wish/to express good wishes
1652 邮 you2 post (office)/mail
1653 吐 tu3/tu4 to spit, vomit
1654 狠 hen3 fierce/very
1655 鉴 jian4 example/mirror/to view/reflection/to reflect/to inspect/to warn/(ancient bronze mirror)
1656 曰 yue1 to speak/to say
1657 械 xie4 tools
1658 咬 yao3 bite/nip
1659 邻 lin2 neighbor/adjacent/close to
1660 赤 chi4 red/scarlet/bare/naked
1661 挤 ji3 crowded/to squeeze
1662 弯 wan1 bend/bent
1663 椅 yi3 chair
1664 陪 pei2 to accompany/to keep sb. company
1665 割 ge1 cut off
1666 揭 jie1 lift off (a cover)/divulge
1667 韦 wei2 (surname)/soft leather
1668 悟 wu4 comprehend
1669 聪 cong1 quick at hearing/wise/clever/sharp-witted/intelligent/acute
1670 雾 wu4 fog/mist
1671 锋 feng1 point or edge of a tool
1672 梯 ti1 ladder
1673 猫 mao1 cat/pussy
1674 祥 xiang2 auspicious/propitious
1675 阔 kuo4 rich/wide/broad
1676 誉 yu4 reputation
1677 筹 chou2 a tally/counter/ticket/plan/devise/manage
1678 丛 cong2 cluster/collection/collection of books/thicket
1679 牵 qian1 lead along
1680 鸣 ming2 to cry (of birds)
1681 沈 chen2/shen3 sink, (surname)/place name
1682 阁 ge2 council-chamber/shelf
1683 穆 mu4 (surname)/solemn
1684 屈 qu1 bent/feel wronged
1685 旨 zhi3 imperial decree/purport/aim/purpose
1686 袖 xiu4 sleeve
1687 猎 lie4 hunting
1688 臂 bi4 arm
1689 蛇 she2 snake/serpent
1690 贺 he4 congratulate
1691 柱 zhu4 pillar
1692 抛 pao1 to throw/to toss/to fling/to cast/to abandon
1693 鼠 shu3 rat/mouse
1694 瑟 se4 (mus. instr.)
1695 戈 ge1 (surname)/spear
1696 牢 lao2 firm/fast
1697 逊 xun4 to yield
1698 迈 mai4 take a step
1699 欺 qi1 take unfair advantage of/to deceive/to cheat
1700 吨 dun1/dun4 ton, ton

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