1401-1500 Most Frequently Used Characters

1401 诊 zhen3 examine or treat medically
1402 奴 nu2 slave
1403 摄 she4 assist/collect/absorb
1404 丧 sang1/sang4 mourning/funeral, lose (by death)
1405 污 wu1 see 污, dirt/filth
1406 渡 du4 to cross/to pass through/to ferry
1407 旗 qi2 banner/flag
1408 甘 gan1 (surname)/sweet
1409 耐 nai4 to be unbearable/unable to endure
1410 凭 ping2 lean against/proof/to rely on/to depend on/to be based on
1411 扎 za1/zha1/zha2 to tie/to bind, tie with string or ribbon/bind with rope or cord/to stop, to prick/to run or stick (a needle, etc.) into, penetrating (as of cold)/struggle
1412 抢 qiang1/qiang3 against wind, fight over/to rush/to scramble/to grab/to rob/to snatch
1413 绪 xu4 beginnings/clues/mental state/thread
1414 粗 cu1 coarse/rough/thick/unfinished/vulgar/rude/crude
1415 肩 jian1 shoulder
1416 梁 liang2 (surname)/beam of roof/bridge, beam of roof
1417 幻 huan4 fantasy
1418 菲 fei1 rich/luxurious/phenanthrene (chemical)/Philippines
1419 皆 jie1 all/each and every/in all cases
1420 碎 sui4 to break down/to break into pieces/fragmentary
1421 宙 zhou4 universe
1422 叔 shu1 uncle in direct address
1423 岩 yan2 cliff/rock, cliff
1424 荡 dang4 a pond/pool/wash/squander/sweep away/move/shake/dissolute
1425 综 zong1 to sum up
1426 爬 pa2 crawl/climb
1427 荷 he2/he4 lotus, peppermint/to carry burden
1428 悉 xi1 in all cases/know
1429 蒂 di4 stem (of fruit)
1430 返 fan3 to return (to)
1431 井 jing3 warn/well
1432 壮 zhuang4 to strengthen/strong/robust
1433 薄 bo2/bo4/bao2 mean/slight/thin, thin/slight/meagre/small/ungenerous/unkind/mean/frivolous/despise/belittle/to approach/to go near/peppermint
1434 悄 qiao3/qiao1 quiet/sad
1435 扫 sao3/sao4 to sweep, broom
1436 敏 min3 keen
1437 碍 ai4 to hinder/to obstruct/to block
1438 殖 zhi2 grow/reproduce
1439 详 xiang2 detailed/comprehensive
1440 迪 di2 direct/follow
1441 矛 mao2 spear/lance/pike
1442 霍 huo4 (surname)/cholera
1443 允 yun3 just/fair/to permit/to allow
1444 幅 fu2 (measure word for textile or picture)/width/roll
1445 撒 sa1/sa3 let go, to scatter
1446 剩 sheng4 have as remainder
1447 凯 kai3 triumphant/victorious
1448 颗 ke1 (measure word for small spheres)
1449 骂 ma4 scold/abuse
1450 赏 shang3 enjoy the beauty of/give
1451 液 ye4 liquid/fluid
1452 番 fan1/pan1 (measure word for acts)/deeds/foreign, (surname)/place name
1453 箱 xiang1 box/trunk/chest
1454 贴 tie1 to stick/to paste/to keep close to/to fit snugly/subsidize/allowance
1455 漫 man4 free/unrestrained/inundate
1456 酸 suan1 sour/sore/ache/acid
1457 郎 lang2 (surname)/a youth
1458 腰 yao1 waist
1459 舒 shu1 (surname)/relax
1460 眉 mei2 eyebrow/upper margin
1461 忧 you1 worried
1462 浮 fu2 to float
1463 辛 xin1 8th heavenly stem/tired
1464 恋 lian4 feel attached to/long for/love
1465 餐 can1 eat/meal
1466 吓 xia4 to frighten/to scare/to intimidate/to threaten
1467 挺 ting3 be straight and stiff/rather (good)
1468 励 li4 exhort
1469 辞 ci2 bid farewell/diction/resign/say goodbye/take leave/decline
1470 艘 sao1/sou1 measure word for warships (Taiwan pronunciation), measure word for boats and ships (mainland pronunciation)
1471 键 jian4 (door lock) key
1472 伍 wu3 associate with/five/company
1473 峰 feng1 peak/summit
1474 尺 chi3 a Chinese foot (M)/one-third of a meter/a ruler/a note musical note on traditional Chinese scale
1475 昨 zuo2 yesterday
1476 黎 li2 (surname)/black/abbreviation for Lebanon
1477 辈 bei4 contemporaries/generation/lifetime
1478 贯 guan4 pierce/to string
1479 侦 zhen1 to scout/to spy
1480 滑 gu3/hua2 comical, comical/cunning/slippery/smooth
1481 券 quan4 deed/bond/contract/ticket
1482 崇 chong2 high/dignified/lofty/to honor
1483 扰 rao3 disturb
1484 宪 xian4 statute/constitution
1485 绕 rao4 go around/to wind (around)
1486 趋 qu1 to hasten/to hurry/walk fast
1487 慈 ci2 compassionate/gentle/merciful/kind/humane
1488 乔 qiao2 tall
1489 阅 yue4 peruse/review/to read
1490 汗 han4 perspiration/sweat
1491 枝 zhi1 branch/(a measure word)
1492 拖 tuo1 dragging (brush stroke in painting)/to drag along
1493 墨 mo4 China ink/ink stick
1494 胁 xie2 side of body/threaten
1495 插 cha1 insert/stick in/pierce/to take part in/to interfere/to interpose
1496 箭 jian4 arrow
1497 腊 la4 preserved (meat), December/preserved (meat)
1498 粉 fen3 dust/powder
1499 泥 ni2/ni4 mud/paste/pulp, restrained
1500 氏 shi4 clan name/maiden name

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