801-900 Most Frequently Used Characters

801 户 hu4 a household/door/family
802 烈 lie4 ardent/intense/split/crack/rend
803 洋 yang2 foreign/ocean
804 哥 ge1 elder brother
805 索 suo3 to search/to demand/to ask/to exact/large rope/isolated
806 胡 hu2 (surname)/beard/what why how, beard/mustache
807 款 kuan3 section/paragraph/funds
808 靠 kao4 depend upon/lean on/near/by/against/to support
809 评 ping2 to discuss/to comment/to criticize/to judge/to choose (by public appraisal)
810 版 ban3 a register/a block of printing/an edition/version/page
811 宝 bao3 a jewel or gem/a treasure/precious
812 座 zuo4 seat/base/stand/measure word for large, solid things
813 释 shi4 explain/to release
814 景 jing3 bright/circumstance/scenery
815 顾 gu4 look after/take into consideration/to attend to
816 弟 di4 younger brother
817 登 deng1 scale/climb/ascend/mount/go up/register/note/to publish/to issue/to record
818 货 huo4 goods/money/commodity
819 互 hu4 mutual
820 付 fu4 pay
821 伯 bo2 father's elder brother/senior/paternal elder uncle/eldest of brothers/respectful form of address
822 慢 man4 slow
823 欧 ou1 Europe
824 换 huan4 change/exchange
825 闻 wen2 (surname)/hear/sniff at
826 危 wei1 danger/to endanger
827 忙 mang2 busy
828 核 he2 nuclear/atomic/stone (of fruit)
829 暗 an4 dark/gloomy/hidden/secret, to shut the door/unilluminated
830 姐 jie3 older sister
831 介 jie4 introduce/lie between/between
832 坏 huai4 bad/spoiled, bad
833 讨 tao3 ask for/send punitive expedition/to demand/to marry
834 丽 li2/li4 Korea, beautiful
835 良 liang2 good/very/very much
836 序 xu4 order/sequence/preface
837 升 sheng1 to raise/to hoist/to promote/pint, ascend/peaceful, promoted
838 监 jian1/jian4 hard/strong/solid/firm/to supervise/to inspect/jail/prison, supervisor
839 临 lin2 to face/to overlook/to arrive/to be (just) about to/just before
840 亮 liang4 light/bright
841 露 lu4/lou4 to show/to reveal/to expos/dew
842 永 yong3 forever/always/perpetual (ly)
843 呼 hu1 to call/to cry/to shout/to breath out/to exhale
844 味 wei4 taste
845 野 ye3 field/plain/open space/limit/boundary/rude/wild
846 架 jia4 to support/frame/rack/framework/measure word for planes, large vehicles, radios, etc.
847 域 yu4 field/region/area/domain (taxonomy)
848 沙 sha1 granule/hoarse/raspy/sand/powder
849 掉 diao4 to drop/to fall
850 括 kuo4 enclose/include
851 舰 jian4 warship
852 鱼 yu2 fish
853 杂 za2 mixed/miscellaneous/various/to mix
854 误 wu4 mistake/error/to miss/to harm/to delay/to neglect
855 湾 wan1 bay/gulf
856 吉 ji2 lucky
857 减 jian3 to lower/to decrease/to reduce/to subtract/to diminish
858 编 bian1 weave/plait/organize/group/arrange/edit/compile/write/compose/fabricate
859 楚 chu3 (surname)/ancient place name/distinct/clear/orderly/pain/suffering/(a surname)
860 肯 ken3 to agree/to consent/to be ready (to do sth)/willing
861 测 ce4 side/to lean/to survey/to measure/conjecture
862 败 bai4 be defeated/to defeat/loss
863 屋 wu1 house/room
864 跑 pao3 to run/to escape
865 梦 meng4 to dream
866 散 san3/san4 leisurely/loosen/powdered medicine/to scatter/to come loose, adjourn/scatter
867 温 wen1 (luke)warm/to review
868 困 kun3/kun4 a bunch/tie together, distress/sleepy/doze off, sleepy/doze off
869 剑 jian4 (double-edged) sword
870 渐 jian1/jian4 imbue, gradual/gradually
871 封 feng1 to confer/to grant/to seal/(a measure word)
872 救 jiu4 to save/to assist/to rescue
873 贵 gui4 expensive/noble/your (name)/precious
874 枪 qiang1 gun/firearm/rifle/spear, rifle/spear
875 缺 que1 lack/scarce/vacant post/to run short of
876 楼 lou2 house with more than 1 story/storied building/floor
877 县 xian4 a district/county
878 尚 shang4 still/yet/to value/to esteem
879 毫 hao2 hair/drawing brush/(in the) least/one thousandth
880 移 yi2 to move/to shift/to change/to alter/to remove
881 娘 niang2 mother/young lady, mother/troubled
882 朋 peng2 friend
883 画 hua4 draw/picture/painting
884 班 ban1 team/class/rank/squad/a work shift/a measure word/(a surname)
885 智 zhi4 wisdom/knowledge
886 亦 yi4 also
887 耳 er3 ear
888 恩 en1 kind act (from above)
889 短 duan3 lack/short
890 掌 zhang3 in charge of/palm of hand
891 恐 kong3 afraid/frightened/to fear
892 遗 yi2 to lose/to leave behind
893 固 gu4 hard/strong/solid/sure
894 席 xi2 banquet/woven mat/seat/place, woven mat
895 松 song1 loose/pine, loose
896 秘 mi4 secret
897 谢 xie4 (surname)/to thank
898 鲁 lu3 crass/place name
899 遇 yu4 meet with
900 康 kang1 peaceful/spongy (of radishes)

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