1301-1400 Most Frequently Used Characters

1301 愈 yu4 heal/the more...the more/to recover/better, heal
1302 潮 chao2 tide/current/damp/moist/humid
1303 粮 liang2 provisions
1304 缩 suo1 to withdraw/to pull back/to contract/to shrink/to reduce
1305 罢 ba4/ba to stop/cease/dismiss/suspend/to quit/to finish, (final part.)
1306 聚 ju4 form gathering/gather
1307 径 jing4 path
1308 恰 qia4 exactly/just
1309 挑 tiao1/tiao3 carry on a pole/choose, incite
1310 袋 dai4 a pouch/bag/sack/pocket
1311 灰 hui1 gray/ash
1312 捕 bu3 to catch/to seize/to capture/to catch
1313 徐 xu2 slow/gentle/Xu (a surname)
1314 珍 zhen1 precious thing/treasure
1315 幕 mu4 stage curtain/tent
1316 映 ying4 reflect/shine
1317 裂 lie4 crack/split
1318 泰 tai4 safe/peaceful/most/Thai(land)/grand
1319 隔 ge2 to separate/to stand or lie between/to divide/to cut off
1320 启 qi3 to open/to start
1321 尖 jian1 point (of needle)/sharp/shrewd/pointed
1322 忠 zhong1 loyal
1323 累 lei2/lei3/lei4 cumbersome, accumulate, implicate/tired
1324 炎 yan2 flame/inflammation/-itis
1325 暂 zan4 temporarily
1326 估 gu1/gu4 estimate, old/second-hand (clothes)
1327 泛 fan4 broad/vast/float/pan-, float/general/vague
1328 荒 huang1 out of practice/uncultivated
1329 偿 chang2 to compensate/pay back/to recompense
1330 横 heng2/heng4 horizontal/across/(horizontal character stroke), unruly
1331 拒 ju4 to resist/to repel/to refuse
1332 瑞 rui4 lucky/auspicious/propitious/rayl (acoustical unit)
1333 忆 yi4 remember
1334 孤 gu1 lone/lonely
1335 鼻 bi2 nose
1336 闹 nao4 make noise or disturbance
1337 羊 yang2 (surname)/sheep
1338 呆 dai1 foolish/stupid/no expression/stay, stay/stupid
1339 厉 li4 severe
1340 衡 heng2 to weigh/weight/measure
1341 胞 bao1 the placenta/womb
1342 零 ling2 remnant/zero
1343 穷 qiong2 exhausted/poor
1344 舍 she3/she4 give up/abandon, residence
1345 码 ma3 a weight/number/yard/pile/stack
1346 赫 he4 (surname)/awe-inspiring
1347 婆 po2 grandmother/matron/mother-in-law
1348 魂 hun2 soul
1349 灾 zai1 disaster/calamity
1350 洪 hong2 flood
1351 腿 tui3 leg
1352 胆 dan3 the gall/the nerve/courage/guts/gall bladder
1353 津 jin1 Tianjin/ferry
1354 俗 su2 vulgar
1355 辩 bian4 dispute/debate/argue/discuss
1356 胸 xiong1 chest/bosom/heart/mind/thorax
1357 晓 xiao3 dawn/to know/to tell (sb sth)/dawn
1358 劲 jin4/jing4 strength, stalwart/sturdy
1359 贫 pin2 poor
1360 仁 ren2 humane
1361 偶 ou3 accidental/image/pair/mate
1362 辑 ji2 gather up/collect/edit/compile
1363 邦 bang1 a state/country or nation
1364 恢 hui1 to restore/to recover/great
1365 赖 lai4 disclaim/rely/to blame
1366 圈 juan1/juan4/quan1 to confine/enclose, pen (pig)/a fold, circle/ring/loop
1367 摸 mo1/mo2 feel with the hand/to touch/to stroke/to grope/to feel (one's pulse), imitate/copy
1368 仰 yang3 look up
1369 润 run4 smooth/moist
1370 堆 dui1 a pile/a mass/heap/stack
1371 碰 peng4 to touch/to meet with/to bump
1372 艇 ting3 small boat
1373 稍 shao1 somewhat/a little
1374 迟 chi2 late/delayed/slow
1375 辆 liang4 (a measure word for vehicles)
1376 废 fei4 abolish/crippled
1377 净 jing4 clean, clean/completely/only
1378 凶 xiong1 fierce, fierce/terrible/ominous
1379 署 shu3 office/bureau
1380 壁 bi4 wall/rampart
1381 御 yu4 defend/imperial/to drive, defend/resist
1382 奉 feng4 to receive (from superior)/to offer/to revere
1383 旋 xuan2/xuan4 revolve, lathe/specially for an occasion
1384 冬 dong1 winter
1385 矿 kuang4 ore/mine
1386 抬 tai2 to lift/to raise/(of two or more persons) to carry
1387 蛋 dan4 egg/oval shaped
1388 晨 chen2 morning/dawn/daybreak
1389 伏 fu2 conceal (ambush)/prostrate/submit
1390 吹 chui1 to blow/blast/puff/boast/brag/end in failure
1391 鸡 ji1 fowl/chicken
1392 倍 bei4 (two, three, etc) -fold/times (multiplier)/double/to increase or multiply
1393 糊 hu2/hu4 muddled/paste/scorched, paste/cream
1394 秦 qin2 (surname)/name of a dynasty
1395 盾 dun4 shield
1396 杯 bei1 cup/a measure word
1397 租 zu1 rent/taxes
1398 骑 qi2 to ride (an animal or bike)/to sit astride
1399 乏 fa2 short of/tired
1400 隆 long1/long2 sound of drums, grand/intense/prosperous/start (a fire)

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