901-1000 Most Frequently Used Characters

901 虑 lu:4/lv4 anxiety
902 幸 xing4 lucky, fortunate/lucky
903 均 1-Jun equal/even/all/uniform
904 销 xiao1 to melt/to do away with/to sell
905 钟 zhong1 clock/time as measured in hours and minutes/bell
906 诗 shi1 poem/poetry/verse
907 藏 cang2/zang4 to hide away/to conceal/to harbor/store/accumulate, storehouse/depository/Buddhist or Taoist scripture/Zang/Tibet
908 赶 gan3 to catch up/to overtake/to hurry/to rush/to drive away
909 剧 ju4 drama/play/show/severe
910 票 piao4 bank note/ticket
911 损 sun3 to damage/injure/to lose/to harm
912 忽 hu1 suddenly
913 巨 ju4 very large/huge/tremendous/gigantic
914 炮 pao4 cannon/gun/firecracker, gun/cannon
915 旧 jiu4 old (opposite of new)/former
916 端 duan1 end/extremity/item/port/to hold sth. level with both hands/to carry/regular
917 探 tan4 to explore/to search out/to scout/to visit
918 湖 hu2 lake
919 录 lu4 to record/to hit/to copy
920 叶 ye4 (surname)/leaf/page
921 春 chun1 spring (time)/gay/joyful/youthful/love/lust/life
922 乡 xiang1 country/village
923 附 fu4 to add/to attach/to be close to/to be attached
924 吸 xi1 to breathe/to suck in/to absorb/to inhale
925 予 yu2/yu3 I, to give
926 礼 li3 gift/propriety/rite
927 港 gang3 harbor/Hong Kong (abbr.)
928 雨 yu3 rain
929 呀 ya/ya1 (final part.)
930 板 ban3 board/plank/plate/slab, boss
931 庭 ting2 court/courtyard
932 妇 fu4 woman
933 归 gui1 to go back/to return
934 睛 jing1 eye
935 饭 fan4 food/cuisine/cooked rice/meal
936 额 e2 volume/amount/quantity/forehead/quota
937 含 han2 to keep/to contain
938 顺 shun4 to obey/to follow/to arrange/to make reasonable/along/favorable
939 输 shu1 to transport/to lose
940 摇 yao2 shake/to rock
941 招 zhao1 provoke/to recruit
942 婚 hun1 to marry/marriage/wedding/to take a wife
943 脱 tuo1 to shed/to take off/to escape/to get away from
944 补 bu3 to repair/to patch/to mend/to make up for/to fill (a vacancy)/to supplement
945 谓 wei4 speak of
946 督 du1 supervise
947 毒 du2 poison/narcotics
948 油 you2 oil/sly
949 疗 liao2 to treat/to cure
950 旅 lu:3/lv3 trip/travel
951 泽 ze2 beneficence/marsh
952 材 cai2 material
953 灭 mie4 extinguish
954 逐 zhu2 to pursue/to chase/individually/one by one
955 莫 mo4 do not/there is none who
956 笔 bi3 pen/pencil/writing brush/to write or compose/the strokes of Chinese characters
957 亡 wang2 to die/to perish
958 鲜 xian1/xian3 fresh, few/rare
959 词 ci2 works/phrases/classical Chinese poem/word/diction
960 圣 sheng4 holy/sacred/saint/sage
961 择 ze2/zhai2 to select/to choose/to pick, pick over
962 寻 xun2 to search/to look for/to seek
963 厂 chang3 cliff/slope/factory/yard/depot/workhouse/works/(industrial) plant
964 睡 shui4 to sleep
965 博 bo2 extensive/ample/rich/obtain/aim/to win/to get/rich/plentiful/to gamble
966 勒 le4/lei1 rein in, strangle
967 烟 yan1 cigarette/tobacco/smoke
968 授 shou4 to teach/to instruct/to award/to give
969 诺 nuo4 to promise/to yes
970 伦 lun2 human relationship
971 岸 an4 bank/shore/beach/coast
972 奥 ao4 obscure/mysterious
973 唐 tang2 Tang dynasty (618-907)
974 卖 mai4 to sell
975 俄 e2 suddenly/very soon/Russian
976 炸 zha2/zha4 fry, explode
977 载 zai3/zai4 year, to carry/to convey/to load/to hold/and/also/as well as/simultaneously
978 洛 luo4 (surname)/name of a river
979 健 jian4 healthy
980 堂 tang2 (main) hall/large room
981 旁 pang2 beside/one side/other/side/self
982 宫 gong1 palace
983 喝 he1/he4 my goodness/to drink, shout applause
984 借 jie4 to lend/to borrow/excuse/pretext/by means of
985 君 1-Jun monarch/lord/gentleman/ruler
986 禁 jin1/jin4 endure, to prohibit/to forbid
987 阴 yin1 (of weather) overcast/Yin/feminine/moon/cloudy/negative (electric.)/shady
988 园 yuan2 garden
989 谋 mou2 to plan/seek/scheme
990 宋 song4 (surname)/name of a dynasty
991 避 bi4 avoid/shun/flee/escape/leave/to keep away/to leave/to hide
992 抓 zhua1 to grab/to catch/to arrest/to snatch
993 荣 rong2 glory/honored
994 姑 gu1 paternal aunt
995 孙 sun1 grandson
996 逃 tao2 to escape/to run away/to flee
997 牙 ya2 tooth/ivory
998 束 shu4 bunch/(a measure word)/to bind/to control
999 跳 tiao4 jump/hop/skip (a grade)/to leap/to bounce/to beat
1000 顶 ding3 go against/most/peak/top/to replace/to substitute/a measure word (use with "hat")

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