1901-2000 Most Frequently Used Characters

1901 丑 chou3 2nd Earthly Branch/clown/Chou (surname), shameful/ugly/disgraceful
1902 劣 lie4 inferior
1903 柯 ke1 (surname)/handle of axe/stem
1904 寸 cun4 a unit of length/inch/thumb
1905 扔 reng1 throw
1906 盯 ding1 stare/gaze
1907 辱 ru3 disgrace/insult
1908 匹 pi1/pi3 mate/one of a pair, (measure word for horses, mules, a bolt of cloth)/ordinary person
1909 俱 ju1/ju4 entirely/without exception, a social club
1910 辨 bian4 distinguish/recognize
1911 饿 e4 to be hungry/hungry
1912 蜂 feng1 bee/wasp
1913 哦 e2/o2/o4 to chant, oh is that so
1914 腔 qiang1 cavity of body/tune
1915 郁 yu4 (surname)/elegant, dense (growth)/melancholy
1916 溃 kui4 be dispersed/break down
1917 谨 jin3 cautious
1918 糟 zao1 dregs/to waste/spoil, to waste/spoil
1919 葛 ge2/ge3 coarse grass linen, (surname)
1920 苗 miao2 (surname)/Miao tribe/sprout
1921 肠 chang2 intestines
1922 忌 ji4 avoid as taboo/jealous
1923 溜 liu1 slip away/to skate
1924 鸿 hong2 eastern bean goose/great/large
1925 爵 jue2 nobility/(ancient wine holder with 3 legs and loop handle)
1926 鹏 peng2 large fabulous bird
1927 鹰 ying1 eagle/falcon/hawk
1928 笼 long2 basket/cage
1929 丘 qiu1 Confucius/given name/mound, earthenware, earthenware vessel
1930 桂 gui4 Cinnamonum cassia
1931 滋 zi1 excite/nourish/this
1932 聊 liao2 to chat/to have a chat/to kill time
1933 挡 dang3/dang4 hinder/resist/obstruct/hinder/cover/keep off/a cover/to block/to get in the way of, arrange/put in order
1934 纲 gang1 head rope of a fishing net/guiding principle/key link/class (taxonomy)/outline/program
1935 肌 ji1 flesh/muscle
1936 茨 ci2 Tribulus terrestris/thatched hut
1937 壳 ke2/qiao4 shell, shell
1938 痕 hen2 scar/traces
1939 碗 wan3 bowl/cup
1940 穴 xue2 hole/cave
1941 膀 bang3/bang4/pang1/pang2 upper arm/wing, to flirt, puffed (swollen), bladder
1942 卓 zhuo2 (surname)/outstanding
1943 贤 xian2 worthy (person)
1944 卧 wo4 to lie/to crouch
1945 膜 mo2 (n) membrane; film
1946 毅 yi4 perseverance
1947 锦 jin3 brocade/embroidered work/bright
1948 欠 qian4 deficient/owe/to lack/yawn
1949 哩 li1/li3/li (onomat.), mile, (part. for continued state)
1950 函 han2 envelope/case/letter
1951 茫 mang2 vague/vast
1952 昂 ang2 high/raise (head), high/soaring/raise/lift/expensive/to raise one's head
1953 薛 xue1 (surname)/wormwood
1954 皱 zhou4 to wrinkle/wrinkled/to crease
1955 夸 kua1 to boast
1956 豫 yu4 beforehand/prepare
1957 胃 wei4 stomach
1958 舌 she2 tongue
1959 剥 bo1/bao1 peel/to skin
1960 傲 ao4 proud/overbearing/insolent/arrogant
1961 拾 shi2 pick up/ten (fraud-proof)
1962 窝 wo1 nest
1963 睁 zheng1 to open (eye)
1964 携 xie2 to carry/to take along/to bring along/to hold (hands)
1965 陵 ling2 mound/tomb/hill/mountain
1966 哼 heng1/hng hum, (interj. of contempt)
1967 棉 mian2 cotton
1968 晴 qing2 clear/fine (weather)
1969 铃 ling2 (small) bell
1970 填 tian2 to fill in
1971 饲 si4 to raise/to rear/to feed
1972 渴 ke3 thirsty
1973 吻 wen3 kiss/mouth
1974 扮 ban4 to disguise oneself/to dress up/adorn
1975 逆 ni4 contrary/opposite/backwards/to go against/to oppose/to betray/to rebel
1976 脆 cui4 crisp/brittle/clear and loud voice
1977 喘 chuan3 to gasp/to pant/asthma
1978 罩 zhao4 cover/fish trap (basket)/shade
1979 卜 bo/bu3 turnip, to divine/foretell
1980 炉 lu2 stove
1981 柴 chai2 (surname)/firewood
1982 愉 yu2 pleased
1983 绳 sheng2 rope
1984 胎 tai1 fetus/litter
1985 蓄 xu4 to store
1986 眠 mian2 sleep
1987 竭 jie2 exhaust
1988 喂 wei4 (interjection) hello/to feed (someone or some animal)/hey/telephone greeting, to feed
1989 傻 sha3 foolish
1990 慕 mu4 admire
1991 浑 hun2 muddy
1992 奸 jian1 traitor, adultery
1993 扇 shan1/shan4 to fan, (a measure word for doors, windows, etc.)
1994 柜 gui4/ju3 cupboard/cabinet/wardrobe, Salix multinervis
1995 悦 yue4 pleased
1996 拦 lan2 cut off/hinder
1997 诞 dan4 birth/birthday/brag/boast/to increase
1998 饱 bao3 to eat till full/satisfied
1999 乾 gan1/qian2 dry, (surname)/male/strong/one of the Eight Trigrams
2000 泡 pao1/pao4 puffed/swollen, to steep/soak/bubble(s)/foam

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