2101-2200 Most Frequently Used Characters

2101 栏 lan2 fence/railing/hurdle
2102 逝 shi4 depart/die
2103 窃 qie4 I beg to presume/steal
2104 艳 yan4 glamorous
2105 臭 chou4/xiu4 stench/stink/smelly/to smell (bad), sense of smell/smell bad
2106 纤 qian4/xian1 boatman's tow-rope, fine/delicate/minute
2107 玑 ji1 irregular pearl
2108 棵 ke1 M for plants
2109 趁 chen4 avail oneself of/take advantage of
2110 匠 jiang4 craftsman
2111 盈 ying2 full/filled/surplus
2112 翁 weng1 (surname)/elderly person
2113 愁 chou2 worry about
2114 瞬 shun4 to wink
2115 婴 ying1 infant/baby
2116 孝 xiao4 filial
2117 颈 jing3 neck
2118 倘 tang3 if
2119 浙 zhe4 Zhejiang
2120 谅 liang4 forgive
2121 蔽 bi4 to cover/to shield/to screen/to conceal
2122 畅 chang4 smooth/fluent/joyful/happy
2123 赠 zeng4 give present
2124 妮 ni1 girl/phonetic "ni" (in girl's name)
2125 莎 sha1/suo1 (insect)/(phonetic), (grass)/Cyperus rotundus
2126 尉 wei4 (surname)/milit. official/to quiet
2127 冻 dong4 to freeze
2128 跪 gui4 kneel
2129 闯 chuang3 to rush/break through
2130 葡 pu2 grapes
2131 後 hou4
2132 厨 chu2 kitchen
2133 鸭 ya1 duck
2134 颠 dian1 inverted/jolt/top
2135 遮 zhe1 cover up (a shortcoming)/screen off/to hide/to conceal
2136 谊 yi4 friendship
2137 圳 zhen4 furrow in field, small drainage
2138 吁 xu1/yu4 sh/hush, implore
2139 仑 lun2 arrange, Koulkun mountains
2140 辟 bi4/pi4 king/emperor/monarch/royal/ward off, law, dispel/open up/refute
2141 瘤 liu2 tumor
2142 嫂 sao3 older brother's wife; sister-in-law
2143 陀 tuo2 (phonetic)/declivity/steep bank
2144 框 kuang4 frame/door frame
2145 谭 tan2 (surname)
2146 亨 heng1 prosperous
2147 钦 qin1 royal
2148 庸 yong1 ordinary/to use
2149 歉 qian4 apologize/deficient/to regret
2150 芝 zhi1 Zoysia pungens
2151 吼 hou3 roar (of a lion)
2152 甫 fu3 just/just now
2153 衫 shan1 Chinese gown (unlined)
2154 摊 tan1 spread out/vendor's stand
2155 宴 yan4 feast/repose
2156 嘱 zhu3 enjoin
2157 衷 zhong1 inner feelings
2158 娇 jiao1 lovable/pampered/tender/delicate/frail
2159 陕 shan3/Shan3 Shaanxi
2160 矩 ju3 carpenter's square/rule
2161 浦 pu3 beach
2162 讶 ya4 astounded
2163 耸 song3 excite/raise up/to shrug/high/lofty/towering
2164 裸 luo3 naked
2165 碧 bi4 green jade/bluish green/blue/jade
2166 摧 cui1 break/destroy/devastate/ravage/repress
2167 薪 xin1 fuel/salary
2168 淋 lin4/lin2 diseases of the bladder/to drain/to drip
2169 耻 chi3 shame/disgrace
2170 胶 jiao1 glue/gum
2171 屠 tu2 slaughter/slaughter man
2172 鹅 e2 goose
2173 饥 ji1 hungry
2174 盼 pan4 to hope for/to long for/to expect
2175 脖 bo2 neck
2176 虹 hong2/jiang4 rainbow, rainbow
2177 翠 cui4 bluish-green/green jade
2178 崩 beng1 collapse/fall into ruins
2179 账 zhang4 account
2180 萍 ping2 duckweed
2181 逢 feng2 every time/meet by chance
2182 赚 zhuan4/zuan4 earn/make a profit, cheat/swindle
2183 撑 cheng1 support/prop-up/to pole a boat/to open/to overfill
2184 翔 xiang2 soar
2185 倡 chang4 initiate/instigate/introduce/lead/initiate
2186 绵 mian2 cotton/incessant/soft/downy
2187 猴 hou2 monkey
2188 枯 ku1 dried up
2189 巫 wu1 witch
2190 昭 zhao1 illustrious/manifest
2191 怔 zheng1 be startled
2192 渊 yuan1 abyss
2193 凑 cou4 assemble/put together/press near/come together
2194 溪 qi1/xi1 creek, creek
2195 蠢 chun3 blunt/stupid/to wiggle (of worms)/sluggish
2196 禅 chan2/shan4 meditation/abstraction/(Zen) Buddhism, abdicate
2197 阐 chan3 to express/disclose/enlighten/open
2198 旺 wang4 prosperous/flourishing/to prosper/to flourish
2199 寓 yu4 reside/residence
2200 藤 teng2 rattan/cane

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